Child Right laws

I was in court two days ago and sat for two hours, among the lawyers, waiting for the prison warders to bring an accused suspect, who have pleased guilty to child theft and sold another woman’s 9 months old boy to a syndicate who are now at large. It was supposed to be her sentencing day but the magistrate postponed the sentence to next week. Being more interested in recovering back the stolen child I spoke to the prison warders to give me a little time to speak to the suspect who was almost in the point of delivery. I looked into her her eyes and told her if she could help us recover the missing child back, I’ll speak to the magistrate to lighten her sentence and she agreed to help out. Children go missing every now and then and people steal them from their parents and sell them to unsuspecting childless women who come up with a huge amounts of money to buy this baby’s and adopt them as their own. Our social system of adoption has been thrown into the drains and someone has to suffer for another person to be happy. It’s so wrong and we need to fight this act before we become the next victim. Children need to be protected by their parents and not left in the hands of caregivers and house helps who might end up harming them or selling them to potential buyers, slavery is way past behind us, we need to stop this madness in our communities and societies at large

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