Children with disabilities: legal empowerment and advancing their rights

Could anyone refer me to links, NGOs, programs, litigation, law school clinics, paralegal work and especially impact and lessons regarding advancing the rights of children with disabilities?

Thanks for any help.

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Hi @stevegolub - that’s an interesting question given that many resources or orgs tend to focus on either children’s rights or disability rights with overlap happening in practice. i tried a search for both terms in our resource library (you can see the list here) that came up with some potentially useful resources, such as:

@Chinga 's report has at least one impact case study focused more specifically on this.

Not sure if @phillipsabuni 's resource has much on children, but worth a look:

Similarly with this one from Handicap International in Bangladesh:

Try looking through the list linked above - hope that is helpful!

Thanks so much, Michael! Your research findings (re either children or disabilities, but not both) match my own. Anyway, I appreciate the help.

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Hi Michael,

Thanks so much! I really appreciate the help.



Hi Steve. Trying to understand your request. Which type of researches in particular are you interested in? I am currently working on an advocacy brief on children with cognitive/speech disabilities and access to justice and have come across a few researches that I could share with you, but these are confined to Southern Africa generally and Zimbabwe in particular. Let me know if these could be of help. My email address is [email protected]

Hi Chinga,

Thanks so much for the helpful reply. And sorry that I wasn’t more specific.

There’s a chance I’ll write a paper on LE of/for children with disabilities. It would be for UNICEF’s SE Asia office. But examples of advocacy, impact and lessons from across the globe would be very useful. So anything you could share would be great.