Children's Book on Nationality & Statelessness


(McKinley Charles) #1

I am loving this initiative so much that I had to share!

The Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion has created illustrated children’s book that brings to life the importance of the right to a nationality. Learn more about it here:

ISI is looking to crowdsource funding to get copies of the book printed and into the hands of teachers, children, and policy influencers. I am sure they would appreciate your support in sharing the link on social media or with your networks to help them secure funding.

(Laura Goodwin) #2

Thanks for sharing, @mckinleycharles! Introducing the concept of the right to nationality to children through an illustrated book is really cool… and so is the crowdfunding campaign.

It also makes me wonder what a children’s book on legal empowerment might look like! :slight_smile:

(Mustafa Mahmoud) #3

Let’s wait for the Namati kids to grow up and we experiment with them :wink:


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(Caitlin Sislin) #4

I think a children’s book about legal empowerment is an idea whose time has come!

(Michael Otto) #5

This is a great idea!

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