Citizen journalist

Good Morning Team Just want to inform you that apart from being an ACTiVIST/PEACE AMB/PARALEGAL I recently added another page in my life as AMWIK found me .Am now a Citizen journalist with several coaches on line and indoor trainings . Am sharing this for suddenly I realised that this was the missing link in my community mission FOR major media houses focus more on fame and selective news. This has empowered me more as am now able to voice for the voiceless, educate ,desiminate and analyse for the Citizens. This has landed me into almost all Radio stations easily for AMWIK invites them practising journalist for our seminars. So far I have wrote 3 articles waiting for the coaches marking on financial bill and social justice. Thank you all…Commmunity Radio Trust is worldwide. Find them


@maria many thanks to you for taking up a good work venture in your community. I love hearing your message…

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Thank you @Mohamed_Sankoh coming soon. Will be Glad to share.