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(Yadana Than Htaik) #1

Hello comrades,

As we all are working on the citizenship issue, I think that it would be very helpful to have insights into the existing legal mechanisms. Kindly upload the citizenship laws of your countries (in English version) so that we could make a comparative study and for sure there will be many inputs for our advocacy work.

Thanks in advance for your kind cooperation. Wishes,


(Liesl Muller) #2

@Yadana I have uploaded the South African Citizenship Act. Thanks for this intiative :raised_hands:

(Tobias Eigen) #3

I love this. Thanks for starting it @Yadana and thanks for responding so quickly @LieslHeila. You all are great! :sunflower:

If these acts are already online somewhere it is a good idea methinks to share the link in this topic, as well as upload to the resource library. You can also upload files here and the @helpdesk team can take care of adding them to the resource library.

(Yadana Than Htaik) #4

Dear colleagues, This is the 1982 Citizenship Law of Myanmar. Hope you would also upload yours soon. Wishes, 1982 Citizenship Law of Myanmar

(Ahmed Ismail) #5

I like it Thank you yadana

(Michael Otto) #6

Thanks @Yadana, @LieslHeila uploaded citizenship law from South Africa is now in our resource library here:

We will make sure yours is included in the resource library soon too!

(Michael Otto) #7

(zena) #11

In Kenya we have several citizenship laws including but not least Kenya - Citizenship and Immigration Act 2011.pdf (438.5 KB) And RegistrationofPersonsAct33of1947.pdf (164.8 KB)

(Vivek Trivedi) #12

Hello all. This is a great initiative and an excellent use of the forum!

A supporter on Twitter sent across this useful response to the topic:

(Janemary Ruhundwa) #13

Thanks Vivek.

@Yadana and @exchange_2018kenya Tanzanian Citizenship Act R.E 2002 is also found there.

(Iryna Aleksieieva) #14

Here is the link to the Ukrainian law on citizenship as well as the text in pdf for the ease of accessing. law on citizenship.pdf (204.9 KB)

(Davina Wadley) #15

Hi friends,

The citizenship laws of most countries around the globe are also available on Refworld under the “Laws” tab of the Refworld website - see the following link. Refworld | The Leader in Refugee Decision Support

All the best Davina Statelessness Network Asia Pacific

(Bal Krishna Mainali) #16

2018 Learning Exchange on Citizenship and Legal Identity (7-19 October)
(Arinaitwe Isaac) #17

Hallo Iryna! Thank you for sharing the Ukrainian citizenship law. I am going to read through so that I get acquainted with it and further correlate it with that of Uganda.

(Laura Goodwin) #18

Thanks @Yadana for getting this started! And great to see @LieslHeila @zena @janemaryruhundwa @scira @balkrishnamainali @isaac_arinaitwe sharing the citizenship laws from your countries as well.

Since there are a couple websites that compile citizenship-related laws, what I thought could be interesting here is for all of us to highlight one or two key aspects of our country’s citizenship law that you would like others to know. It could be a unique progressive provision that you have been able to take advantage of in your legal empowerment efforts, or a major gap or loophole that you are trying to address.

Looking forward to learning more about all of these laws! :grin:

(Mohammed Aman) #19

That’s a great idea @lauragoodwin i’m sure there’s lot’s we can learn from each other’s laws and what each organization is doing in their own context in relation to any gaps or opportunities.

(Bal Krishna Mainali) #20

Dear Laura Thanks for your good suggestion. I will be post with example about the clause which we will be trying and focussing to address.

Bal Krishna Mainali

(Rachel Magege) #21

Hello Friends, This is a great forum. Thank you @Yadana. I came across a case that was decided earlier this year. It was titled Anudo v. The United Republic of Tanzania. The African Court of Human and People’s Rights ruled in favour of Anudo, who was denied the right to citizenship by both Kenya and Tanzania. I thought you all might find this interesting. Feel free to read more about it here: African Court of Human and People’s Rights Rules Tanzania Violated Citizen’s Rights Concerning Nationality (March 22, 2018) | ASIL

(Muhammad Ali Azhar) #22

Hi this is very good initiative, here is link of Pakistan’s Citizenship Act

(Liesl Muller) #23

@janemaryruhundwa was the lawyer in the Anudo case :clap:

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