Client-centered advocacy - lessons to share?

Namati’s Citizenship Program has advocacy as one of our major priorities for the year - and we want sharing analysis of paralegal case data with the community and getting clients/community members involved in advocacy to be core to our strategy. We’re right now in a brainstorming phase about what this will look like, and what we should prioritize.

What is the best way you’ve found to engage clients in advocacy in a genuine, impactful way - avoiding tokenism or lip service, and ideally empowering clients to shape and drive the advocacy agenda itself?

What have your programs tried? What has worked well? What should we be mindful of?

Are there great examples from outside your organization that could serve as a source of inspiration and lessons?

Are other Namati teams or network members hoping to pursue this during 2016 as well? I’d love to keep comparing notes and sharing ideas throughout the year!

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