Climate change disclosures in Indian parliament

Dear colleagues,

Climate change related disclosures can be crucial to advocacy efforts especially when they come from the state itself.

Although climate science is irrefutable at this point, many countries, including my own - India, maintain that “studies so far have relied on mathematical modelling of climate change impacts but these are yet to be empirically verified” (source: Indian Ministry of Environment).

This is why we went through climate change related disclosures given by our representatives over a two year span in the Indian parliament (2021 & 2022) for one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change in the world - the Himalayas.

The disclosures are an ironclad basis of climate advocacy in India and provide a access to information about this stunning land and waterscape to the world. Please find the disclosures here.

We hope to build on these disclosures with right to information and litigation efforts and will keep you all updated! Please do share any feedback or simply reach out at!

Best regards,

Utkarsh Jain

Himalayan Advocacy Center



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