Community-based M&E, BY the community and FOR the community

The Community Land Protection program is drafting a chapter of our global facilitator’s guide focused on community-based M&E. We want to apply lessons from our own M&E and participatory M&E more generally to supporting communities to collect and use data BY the community, FOR the community. Community uses of data include tracking indicator species to monitor the health of their forest, or tracking water levels in their well to determine progress towards a community goal of recharging their groundwater.

We want to include sample tools and forms in the chapter. We have collected some examples from other organizations, but many of them are to do with things very different from land, or they are very complex. I hoped we might be able to collect some examples of simple data collection tools from our partners and network members to inform how we develop the sample/template tools. We are looking for example of things like:

  • Simple data collection sheets
  • Monitoring plans or schedules
  • Record books for data collection
  • Simple interview guides for when interviewing community members

Does anyone have examples from their work, or other resources, that they could share?