Community Based Paralegal

Lawyers for Human Rights South Africa hosted a successful training on Refugees/Immigration Act fr Community Advice Offices in Limpopo.


Great. What are the objectives of training? What the results of training?

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Every two to three years in South Africa the seem to be Xenophobic attacks, the purpose of these training is to provide capacity to community paralegals in order to be able to understand how the asylum seeker process works in SA. So that they are able to provide legal services to non nationals with a proper understanding, these training’s include nationals and non national and the platform is used for refugees to share their stories , by so doing South African paralegals get first hand experience on what is happening in different countries and also get to learn about the plight of economic/forced migrants in South Africa. We want to form a strong relationship between non nationals and nationals and for these groups to start working together and also understand why we have refugees, as most of the time they are used as scape goats when things don’t go well in the country or when the is no service delivery. We want citizens to stand and be the once protecting non nationals when the are xenophobic attacks. Africa is all about ''UBUNTU.


Thanks for your explanation. Please keep it up ‘access to justice for all’


Thank you, yes everyone must have access to justice.


Thanks you and yes everyone must have access to justice.:fist:


Thanks for this great initiative.Non-nationals in SA must be protected by laws and supported to access justice.