[Community call] Legal Empowerment in Nigeria (21 November, 2019)


i should be available first 60minutes


Wonderful. Look forward to seeing you at the call, @preciousayobami! I RSVP’ed for you.

Let us know here if you have particularly burning issues you’d like to talk about, or have an update to share with everyone on what you’re working on these days.

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RSVP. Will love to be part of this and also available for legal empowerment work in Nigeria


Hi @tobiaseigen - very exciting to finally see the first community call taking shape! I wanted to ask whether the times are correct since it lists over 2 hours for the call in the agenda, which is a bit long? If that is the correct time, I can definitely join for part of it.

It would be worth talking with @AimeeOngeso and @staceycram to coordinate around topics in the monthly coalition call since both the paralegal summit and events in Buenos Aires would likely be covered there too (depending on overlap of members who attend of course).

Lastly, i am most excited about the updates from members section of this call and would suggest having a few questions lined up, whether generic roundtable updates (i.e. what have you been working on this week?) or discussion based (e.g. what do you think about XX subject - for instance, ideas to connect climate change and LE). I wonder if any members have suggestions or burning questions for our discussion?

Either way, it will be a great opportunity to hear from members who we often do not hear from! :sunflower:


Thanks, Michael! These are great suggestions.

Looking forward to the call on Thursday and hope lots of members decide to participate! RSVP at the top.

@fatimaadamu and I will be meeting on Wednesday to finalize the plan for the call, and will likely shuffle agenda items around and change the time alotted for each item. My general thinking has been that as this is the first of these calls, we can play it by ear and be flexible. Hopefully everyone will agree. Two hours is indeed long but it’s nice to provide a bit of space and not rush through an agenda for those who want to stay on and chat a bit longer. I’ll be happy to stay for the full two hours if there is interest, but of course understand if others want to drop out at some point. We can always catch up here on the forum.

I was thinking we’d have a lightning round of introductions at the beginning. Everyone on the call can introduce themselves. Maybe we can ask a specific question, e.g. “tell us your name, country you are calling from, your organization, and (briefly) answer the question: what are you working on this week?” Depending on how many people join, 15 minutes may be too short for this but we can adjust.

As regards coordinating with the monthly campaign coalition call, I’m open but agree we do not need to replicate.


Hello Tobias, How are you? I have a job interview on Thursday which starts at 9,30am and will last 30 minutes so I will participate in the community call before and after the interview with my phone. I am looking forward to hear from the other participants. Warm greetings, Alexandar


Ok that sounds fine. The recording will also be available. Good luck with the job interview! :crossed_fingers:

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Good morning everyone, I am interested to participate in the community call set for tomorrow for the time when I am available. I would be happy to learn about the work and the enthusiasm of the community paralegals around the world. I see they are very innovative, educated and motivated. In Canada I witness a big disproportion between the growing demand for legal services and the lack of affordability of legal advice mostly because of the high fees of the lawyers. On the other side there are many new projects based on the technology and on the traditional legal practices of the native people of Canada. These projects are designated to help to the customers to get legal help. I am excited to learn how the legal professionals from Namati are providing affordable legal services. Another very important subject which I hope to be discussed tomorrow is the relation and the difference between the legal advice and legal information. In Canada there are some projects about informing the clients to self-represent themselves in the courts. Of course, this is not enough but at least they can become informed about their rights in the court. There is very subtle difference between the legal advice and the legal information. And for me also is very interesting to learn how lawyers from different countries can perform cross-border cooperation for completing international legal projects. Thank you very much for your time. Alexandar


Thanks everyone who RSVP’d! Look forward to hearing your voices and hopefully seeing your lovely faces on my computer tomorrow! @davidarach @mrtoreye @judekija @mohammedaman @aimeeongeso @peigen @bernardthankgod @APAVLOV @ajioye @martaalmela @michaelotto @preciousayobami @miawolfrey @Aishaisa @dennisekwere @fzngagan @abigailmoy @josephndirangu

@fatimaadamu and I talked today to make final preparations. We updated the agenda, quoted below for your convenience. As you’ll see, we tightened it up to fit as much as possible in the first hour. This is still a draft - we can finalize the agenda together as a group. Also, we can share updates in the shared notes and in this topic. :seedling:

PS - @michaelotto happy cake day! :cake: Wow. Today is your 5 year anniversary of joining the Global Legal Empowerment Network. Congratulations! :sparkles:


Thanks. Have a great day. Alexandar


Great arrangement. Congratulations for wonderful program

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Thanks everyone who attended the call today. You all are great! @abigailmoy @ajioye @APAVLOV @aminahanga @DennisEkwere @fatimaadamu @Ifeanyi @marlonmanuel @martaalmela @michaelotto @peigen @tobiaseigen @zeenat

I will upload the recording once it is finished processing, so anyone who is interested can check it out. It is long, however, so I will also share summary notes. (Thank you @abigailmoy for taking such detailed notes!!) It was good to hear from @fatimaadamu about Nigeria, @martaalmela about Latin America, and to get good questions from participants and to have a conversation about common themes such as protection for justice defenders. My father @peigen jumped in at the last moment to say hello and brief us about the Africa Progress Group (previously Africa Progress Panel), which he leads together with Olusegun Obasanjo out of Abeokuta. After most people left, @APAVLOV @josephndirangu and I stayed on for a few more minutes to chat and get to know each other. @APAVLOV indicated that getting access to legal information in Canada is a challenge for many, and that he is interested in learning how others are grappling with this issue in their country, and thinks technology can play a large role.

Clearly more scope for conversation, so do follow up here with any observations or key take aways from the call. Also let me know if you have feedback on the organization of the call. If you’re interested in co-chairing a future call with a member of the network team on a topic you want to lead a discussion on, let us know that as well!

For my part, here are a few things I learned already for future reference:

  • I have to admit that initially I thought the update from Latin America was a bit off topic, given the focus on Nigeria for the call. :slight_smile: But as it turns out, @martaalmela’s update stimulated an interesting and high value exchange and illustrated some important shared concerns. We should build this into any future community call.
  • I will prepare backup slides in case the live demonstration of the forum does not work, as happened today. I was hoping to show what forum email looks like and how to click through to the forum instead of replying by email, and key features of the forum that illustrate the value of logging in. Not such a big issue in this case because most people present were familiar with the forum and do log in regularly already. :wink:
  • the google doc is a good way to keep shared notes, but perhaps we should more explicitly share it far in advance and allow members to fill in some sections (introductions, celebrations, upcoming opportunities etc) before the meeting starts. Once we are in the meeting it is hard to pay attention to all the different sections.
  • I need to test what happened with the sharing of links in the chat. For some reason people were not able to see the links I shared. I was counting on that and did not have a good backup means for making sure everyone on the call opens the shared notes.

Hello everyone, It was a pleasure to participate in the community call this morning. I am sorry I couldn’t participate more because of my job interview but it was so nice to be able to talk with you and to see you. Thank you very much for your time and talk to you soon. Truly yours, Alexandar


Thanks, Tobias, this was interesting.

A technical note: some body in my office had unplugged my video – therefore you could not see me.

And again: sorry that I was so late…




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Good morning, I am very happy to participate in this discussion and I am looking forward to communicate with the members of the organization. It is really remarkable how much work is done with so much enthusiasm. Thank you very much for your time and have a great day. Alexandar

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Hi @tobiaseigen and @fatimaadamu, Well done for the excellent work with the call. I was unable to join the call. But I just listened to the conversation. Very thoughts discussions and insights. Welldone!

I am very interested in legal empowerment work in Nigeria, and I will like to continue to engage and contribute to the future conversation. I have recently returned to after several years overseas studying and working. There is no doubt about the timeliness and appropriateness of the recently hosted Legal Empowerment Summit in Abuja. So sad I missed that too.

Fatima, please I will like to meet with you in Abuja at your earliest convenience.


sorry for my very late response @OlalekanOshunkoya , Please dm phone number to me and we can meet to discuss the Global Legal Empowerment work and the Nigerian efforts over a drink when next I come to town. Thank you.



greetings and how u doing today!

i came back from a long vacation to the UK to c all these exciting stuff that happened. Recall i had to pull out of the nov conf by adamu abruptly .

can u send me the recordings and all…




Hi Precious! Welcome back. The summary notes and recordings are available in the first post in this topic, Click the link below to go straight there. We always try to update event topics to make them “evergreen” and as useful as possible even long after the event takes place.

We will be wanting to have another community call, likely early in February. Stay tuned!

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