[Community call] Legal Empowerment in Nigeria (21 November, 2019)

Hello everyone, It was a pleasure to participate in the community call this morning. I am sorry I couldn’t participate more because of my job interview but it was so nice to be able to talk with you and to see you. Thank you very much for your time and talk to you soon. Truly yours, Alexandar


Thanks, Tobias, this was interesting.

A technical note: some body in my office had unplugged my video – therefore you could not see me.

And again: sorry that I was so late…




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Good morning, I am very happy to participate in this discussion and I am looking forward to communicate with the members of the organization. It is really remarkable how much work is done with so much enthusiasm. Thank you very much for your time and have a great day. Alexandar

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Hi @tobiaseigen and @fatimaadamu, Well done for the excellent work with the call. I was unable to join the call. But I just listened to the conversation. Very thoughts discussions and insights. Welldone!

I am very interested in legal empowerment work in Nigeria, and I will like to continue to engage and contribute to the future conversation. I have recently returned to after several years overseas studying and working. There is no doubt about the timeliness and appropriateness of the recently hosted Legal Empowerment Summit in Abuja. So sad I missed that too.

Fatima, please I will like to meet with you in Abuja at your earliest convenience.


sorry for my very late response @OlalekanOshunkoya , Please dm phone number to me and we can meet to discuss the Global Legal Empowerment work and the Nigerian efforts over a drink when next I come to town. Thank you.



greetings and how u doing today!

i came back from a long vacation to the UK to c all these exciting stuff that happened. Recall i had to pull out of the nov conf by adamu abruptly .

can u send me the recordings and all…




Hi Precious! Welcome back. The summary notes and recordings are available in the first post in this topic, Click the link below to go straight there. We always try to update event topics to make them “evergreen” and as useful as possible even long after the event takes place.

We will be wanting to have another community call, likely early in February. Stay tuned!

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