Community Cycle in Wajir


(yahya abdi) #1

community-(paralegals) understanding- documents -government officials (document dependence)- “do I have the required document”? choking time-frame- receiving the original documents, :heart::heart::heart::heart::gift::gift:

The above diagram illustrates the life cycle of getting birth certificate and the steeps followed by Somali Community in Wajir. In the first phase, the community with the help of the paralegals understands that it is their right to get a document whether birth certificate, ID card,Death Certif.or Passport. After comprehending that, they gather some documents which they were told are required. On reaching the Registration Offices, the Registrar says they should go back and look for some other documents for instance, an Affidavit or a letter from chief. We call this Document Dependence- a situation where a document depends on another for it to be processed and generated (documents having symbiotic relationship). This creates two Roads-either to go back and get the remaining required documents or rise a self question, “I have no the required document”? If the answer is no, then that person tends to stay at home helplessly as shown on the diagram( some of those people are from another country,e.g Ethiopia and non of their parents are Kenyan). The one who gets the required documents proceeds the process and submit all the documents to the Registrar. In phase 5, there is this Choking Timeframe, we call it choking bcz, it is a period where a person after doing everything required and submitted them to the right office, waits for his documents for more than 3 or 4 months! According to what the Offices says, this happens because the population is high, there is no enough electrical power to support their technical work and lack of enough personnel. This forgetting period makes the person to go far in the bush(bcz Somalis are pastoralist) and forget their documents totally leading the Officers to throw the generated documents which took long to stay in their offices into the dust pin( bcz there is no enough space and nobody is coming for them). We( paralegals) found an original birth cert. thrown in the dust pin.

After a long period of time, the person gets his or her original documents which creates a lot of happiness within that certain family and even us as a paralegals,it is a nice moment really to share with the community. This is when some community makes remarks like: “I AM A KENYAN AND I HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE A KENYAN”, client said.

We are really sending a lot of gratitude to NAMATI for their remarkable support.

Thank you NAMATI.

@namati_citizenship @mustafa_mahmoud

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Hi Yahya! Thanks for the moving, meaningful post. Is there a diagram you intended to upload and insert in your post? If you are having trouble uploading, feel free to email it to and I can add it for you.

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Thank you brother i will if encounter any challenge

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Thanks for the success story. The story tell us more about the importance of NAMATI

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