Community information sessions with refugees in Kyaka II refugees settlement in Uganda

Regarding increase awareness on law and its procedures we conducted information session targeting new refugees in Kyaka II refugees settlement and a community policing meeting for old Refugees caseloads. However, we realized that communities feel their fundamental rights are violated when they depend only basket food from world food program, further more, its very had to access legal services because its attached with corrupt leadership. As community paralegal who only base on members as resources to run the organization activities it becomes hard for the Team to provide required support to communities who dare for our services. We are are empowering communities through community meetings, training local opinion leaders to improve community knowledge on law and its procedures.

This picture is of a Capacity building information session, conducted in kyaka II refugees Settlement in western Uganda Kyegegwa district.

KITAD **will continue to improv on restoring hope to communities, ¹providing interpretation, translation services on humanitarian ground,²mobilising youth to form self-help groups that can engage in productive livelihood activities, ³increase awareness prevention and mitigation of sexual gender based through conducting community meetings, Debates and campaigns ⁴ work as community paralegals through conducting community information session’s, community policing, training community leaders on Alternative dispute Resolution strategies (ADR) mediation and counseling skills, dentation visits and I identifying cases and refer them to other service implementing and operational organizations in kyaka II. **


Hello Israel! Thanks for sharing. The work you are doing sounds very important and interesting.

Can you provide some links to background information for members outside Kenya (including me) who are interested but not as familiar with the circumstances of refugees in Kenya?

Also, if there are publications or online resources you find to be especially valuable, let us know and we can add them to the resource library.

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Dear Eigen Kyaka II Refugee Settlement is in Uganda not Kenya.

Well in Remote area we don’t have access to good internet network, it have been so challenging, resulting to me most of the time I try updating our organization profile and creating links with reliable information on what I and the team we doing. In the same way it have been also not easy to create a website. However even if the situation is not friendly , we still stand firm to be available for our communities and be Goodwill ambassador for community and the legal system in Uganda.

If any one can help KITAD together created a website and the world get to know our efforts in marginalized communities it can be a great contribution.


Thank you for the correction. Shows how much I have to learn! :blush:

I have fixed the title to indicate Uganda.

I can fully understand the challenges you are facing - internet access can be a huge barrier to creating a sustainable, well maintained internet presence for your organization. As long as you do not have your own website, you are welcome to post here to keep our community informed.

Perhaps the engine room tech hotline can be of service - take a look at the topic linked below for details. Let us know how you get on!

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