Community Land Bill, Kenya

I was going through The community Land Bill,2014 and it made me wonder as paralegals, what can we do to sensitize the community that is set to benefit from the Legislation. How can we ensure that the youth and elderly understand the impact of having a Community land title deed? How do we protect the vulnerable in the community from people who have self- interest with regards to the Land? How do we ensure that everyone benefits and that those who may have irregularly allocated land to themselves face justice?


A great question, @Purity_Wadegu! Namati is actually partnered with Kenya Land Alliance and Oxfam to explore exactly these questions. We are working with 10 communities in Tana River and 5 in Turkana, and the pilot runs until October 2016. You can connect with @Husna_Mbarak to learn more, she is the lead from KLA, or I am happy to share updates also.


Do you have any insights on the progress of the bill?

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This blog by Liz Alden-Wily might be of interest for thistopic: