Community Land Rights CaseBase - We Want Your Opinion!

The Community Land Rights CaseBase is a free, searchable database of court decisions and case law concerning community or indigenous land and natural resource rights. If you haven’t already, feel free to check it out at the following link. We are currently adding more cases, so check back in the coming weeks to see what’s new!

We are at looking at different ways to strengthen and better sustain CaseBase, and we want to hear your thoughts. Please reply by July 18th.

The questions below are for anyone - i.e. there is no requirement that you have used CaseBase in the past.

  • What could make CaseBase more useful?
  • Are there any aspects of CaseBase that you would like to see developed further?
  • What do you like most about CaseBase or what do you think makes it valuable?
  • If you have used CaseBase before, what have you used it for? For example, have you used it for legal research, academic research, general browsing, or some other purpose?
  • If you have not used CaseBase before, what do you think you would use it for in the future?

If there is something CaseBase related that we haven’t mentioned here but that you would like to discuss, please feel free to join the conversation!

Thank you for your time and input. We are excited to continue working on CaseBase and tailoring it to better suit your interests.


@namati_myanmar @namati_sierraleone @cpr_team - it would be great to have any feedback or thoughts on this!

Also our partners, collaborators, and network members, what do you think of CaseBase? Is is a useful tool? How could it be more useful for you? @HusnaMbarak @alikaba @tehtenamebratu @jamesotto @SAMORAI @OginaHill @kesan @teresaeilu @suzaneirau @samsonmmari @gabrielmariteoletuke @Musa @judahkioko

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Hi Alexandra, Marena,

I’ve used CaseBase in the past to do comparative research on indigenous peoples’ land rights. I found the issues tab very useful and the layout is easy to navigate. I found it especially helpful where the region/country of each decision is indicated. I noticed that this region/country column isn’t included once you click into lists of cases through the ‘issues’ tab, so that is one suggestion I might make - in some cases it is clear because the respondent is a state, but in other cases it’s not so clear at first glance.


Thank you kindly for your input - we will definitely take this into account!

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Very useful as it is very resource. Kind regards, Ole tuke


Hi Gabriel, I am happy to hear you find CaseBase to be a good resource! Would you be able to let us know what you have used CaseBase for? Also, why do you say it is useful? Thank you!