Community led groudtruthing of expansion of National Highway, study on compliance and impact on community

National Highway Authority of India started expansion highway along to coast of Karnataka. From the time the project related activities began, local newspapers have consistently reported ongoing disputes between the communities and the project authorities. CPR-Namati conducted groundtruthing study in collaboration with the affected communities. The report suggests that given the scale and nature of project impacts, there is a great need to bring to attention the burdens caused by the project beyond land acquisition. This study has focused not only those people who have lost their land due to acquisition for the project, but also those whose private and common lands, homes, livelihood sources and local public infrastructure have been affected by the project operations. Since several of these impacts were not identified by the project through its EIA and EMP reports, the people affected by these impacts are invisible in the project’s implementation plans. The affected communities have tried hard to make themselves visible by lodging complaints and protests. The study provides an analytical basis to their claims for justice in light of these project impacts.

Link to report provided below

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