Community Paralegal in Central America

Hello…I am looking for organization in Central America that I can work with in regards to getting information to several countries. I have been to Belize and would love to start there with helping the families in the towns. Thanks.


Hi @GineenBowman , our member directory is a good place to start a search for organizations that might fit your interests. Good luck!

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Hi Gineen! Yes, the directory is a great place to start. We are lean in Belize and would love your help to raise awareness about this network in that country, so more organizations join and become part of this movement.

According to the directory, we have 4 organizations working in Belize and one based there.

A keyword search for Belize here in the forum also turned up some interesting #land topics, and a member spotlight that might be of interest:

It also turned up a topic I wrote about an issue with GoToWebinar, the software we use to run webinars. Belize is one of the countries that is excluded from registration pages! Maybe you’d be willing to help with this mini campaign I am waging by nudging them on their support forum to do something about it. :slight_smile: