Congratulations Terra Lawson-Remer

@terralawsonremer’s (Namati’s Principal Investigator) latest book was selected this summer as Best Book on Human Rights from among 50+ titles by the American Political Science Association.

The book is relevant for all of us- it offers a framework for measuring state progress on the realization of social and economic rights.

Terra, we are lucky to have you on our team.


Congratulations to you Terra!


Congrats @terralawsonremer

This is really great - congratulations, @terralawsonremer!

Would you be able to share any or all of your book with network members who can’t afford to buy it? Perhaps you could share excerpts or summaries of particularly useful parts of it in the resource library?

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i celebrate your effort in writing book that touches human right

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i cerebrate you @terralawsonremer