Connecting the SDGs to local communities

Ensure that women and girls are understanding and educated about their rights as human beings. Its possible to by empower them with knowledge and skills how to use the Laws and Legislations to their benefit. Raise awareness at all times about new/ change laws and legislative amendments. Knowledge is power and by empowering the women and girls is to ensure equality is reach.


I agreed with u Sophia Booysen! let used schools campuses ,hospitals, clinics and any where that groupsof women and girls can meets and creates intensives awareness to enable them to understands the laws and teachers the laws.

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I think we could go a long way here if we strengthen the level at which we sensitize the women of the goal. By sensitization, I mean a comprehensive one, not that which addresses the literate women only. Those amongst the female folks who are most affected are those who have this archaic belief that the man just has to be there, the forefront while the seat back and take orders. A comprehensive sensitization, I believe is key. Thereby, the goals aforementioned can, in actuality, be understood by the most concerned, women.

All African Human right organization has to develop reporting mechanism on human violation case in africa

where and which country is need

This is Africa Child Care Nation (ACCN) is a National Non-profit Non-governmental organization registered as charity organization in republic of South Sudan in 2019, Since ACCN was formed in 2016 is to provide voluntary human rights services to the vulnerable children and marginalized people.

ACCN is an umbrella child rights organization that protect vulnerable children and women to provide voluntary humanitarian assistance in Africa region.

The Africa Child Care Nation is refugee background organization registered by South Sudan Relief & Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) NGOS act 2016 under ministry of humanitarian affairs of South Sudan. Follow us on all social media you can reach to us