Conservation as a strategy for peace, environmental protection, and community self-determination

Namati’s Community Land Protection partner the Karen Environmental and Social Action Network (KESAN) has created a fantastic video about their major new initiative - the Salween Peace Park! The proposed park is an effort to end and prevent conflict in the region of Myanmar that is the traditional homeland of the Karen indigenous people, create a way to protect the rich biodiversity of the area, and to do so in a way that promotes cultural revitalization and community self-determination. Watch the video below:

Do you have any encouragement, questions, or suggestions for KESAN as they support this initiative? Have you used, or seen, conservation or protected areas as a strategy for supporting community self-determination and land protection? See if you can catch @Mabu or @JasonLubanski when they’re not deep in the forests and mountains to learn more about KESAN’s amazing work.

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A wonderful new video from KESAN (the Karen Environmental and Social Action Network, one of Namati’s community land protection partners) shows even more beautiful footage of the communities and landscapes in the Salween Peace Park initiative area.

It tells the story of a field trip that KESAN organized for Karen students in refugee camps in Thailand to revisit their ancestral communities and reconnect with the Karen who are continuing to manage and protect their lands and forests. One of the most powerful parts, for me, is when the Karen leaders explain to the refugee students and teachers that the Salween Peace Park initiative is for them, so that one day they can return to be with their people and land.

I encourage you to watch this video and connect with @Mabu and @JasonLubanski about KESAN’s amazing work!

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