Constructing water system toilet to help women in Unwana community

Hello everyone,

I am Isaac Inya, the President of Unwana future hope Association, a community Based organisation in Nigeria.

My community Unwana in Afikpo North Local Government Area of Ebonyi state Nigeria still use open or General toilet. Women especially are mostly affected through infections and other diseases. I want to know if the Network can intervene in such a situation and help to construct a water system toilet facility for the community. Women in my community is not heard , men dominates in everything.

Please, if Network does not operate in the above mentioned areas, direct me on how to get help to safe my people from death. I appreciates your efforts to bring light to those in darkness by making sure they obtained justice, equity and fair hearing.

Inya Isaac Ibiam +2348039549653


Welcome to the Network, Isaac! I encourage you to check out our Resource Library, where you may find some helpful tools and guides to create this system in your community, and to help advocate for the women in Unwana.

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Hi Isaac! Great to hear from you. It’s great to have community based organizations like yours here - your voice is important and valuable!

Keep in mind that the Global Legal Empowerment Network is a community of practice, not a source of funding for community development projects. That said, financing is a big challenge for all of us so we maintain some topics to help members seeking funding. Take a look in particular at Recurring fundraising & grant opportunities for legal empowerment. Also, join our global advocacy campaign which aims to improve financing for our field. Sign the petition at: Take Action - Justice For All

In addition to Maddy’s suggestion to explore the resource library, I suggest that you reach out to members in Nigeria who provide paralegal services in your country of Nigeria. It may be that you will find someone who can advocate on your behalf with local governments and service providers to get you the water systems you need and deserve in your community. @fatimaadamu do you have any concrete advice for Isaac?

It is also possible that you and people in your community have to get organized to make it happen! If so, you’ll want to study the two resource guides below. There are other members of this network who have done these things so if you have specific questions they can answer your questions right here.

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Thank you very much for your concerns, I am happy to hear from you.

only that such community project will eliminate poverty and death rate.

people in my community does not understand the effect of such open defecation because it has become our culture.

that’s why I am trying had to put an end on the said problem.

A m grateful.