Corruption is high in government departments in state of rajasthan in india like Rajasthan state aids control society in jaipur

no body to hear and no repsonse from anyone.officials in TI dept doing what they like and prospering on govt money. if you expect they value your work forget it. they looking for women to exploit them and if she is organisation head it is good thing for them . whole office know it but no body speak as all have there dept where they have there own corrupt work which they do not want to endanger. money common in TI dept to make your work easy. head of the dept seldom seen and have lost the wisdom to judge work. heads of the dept lost in the limelight of comfort provided in the name of post. what a loot of national money where corrupt prospering and committee just seen on papers who seldom seen discussing seriously on matters. god knows who will protect the community for which the dept works.


I think it’s a global problem and mostly found in countries where the Federal institutions are weak and corruption becomes the order of the day. But we are not helpless about finding lasting solutions to solve this issues cuz the court’s are there to protect the Urban poor and what we need to do is gather enough evidence and take the culprits to court to answer for their crimes of abuse of power and once one individual is persecuted and sentenced to prison, the rest will learn and correct this abnormalities that continue to impoverish the poor and make people unacceptable for their corrupt practices, let’s not give up but fight the good fight of justice through our legal system based on the constitution of our various countries. Have a lovely day

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