Corruption v Education for Economic Recovery

PRESS RELEASE November 12, 2019


Harnessing the priority of the President, Muhammadu Buhari on national business, on these three main pillars; Economy Recovery, Security and Anti-corruption.

On corruption, as the major challenge of the President Muhammadu Buhari, it seems that politicians are against the president, while the major groups have been roped by the web of partisanship and tribalism and has been turned into becoming the minority. It is not so in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chapter II, Section 14, fundamental obligations of government that; The Federal Republic of Nigeria shall be a state based on the principle of democracy and social justice, It is hereby accordingly declared that; Sovereignty belongs to the people of Nigeria from whom government through this constitution derives all its powers and authority, The security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government, and The participation by the people in their government shall be ensured in accordance with the provisions of this constitution.

Notice that security and welfare (economy) are the open-closed end, education which is the foundation for the development of the nation – people, and failure to fulfill aspects of the people’s welfare (economy) defeats the security architecture of government. Now it begs the question; why is government not fulfilling the welfare of the people whose power and authority they derived? The politicians having known that sovereignty belongs to the people, decided not to deliver the first principle of the government, the welfare (economy) to the people thereby weakening the people. If the people whose power and authority is the government, then, government becomes weak.

It is the politicians who failed or corrupted the power and authority of the people, hence, corruption strives. Let me show something here or let me put something into your mind, something that you know, but fail to apply. Yes, the application of the law brings sanctity in the government. You may be astonished by the term “application of the law brings sanctity in the government”, but can you imagine why government has failed or is failing day by day? Is it because the people have failed to occupy their place in the government? Yes! Not by election nor appointment, or staff of government for all these are failed government. It is by participating in the government and by holding the government officials accountable to the people.

The constitution states that in part © of sub-section 2 of section 14, that the fundamental obligations of the government that the people shall be ensured to participate in their government. In this way, people are to speak out when the agencies of government are not given the people it’s welfare (economic), and since education plays an important role in human development for the dignity of the human person, it is the people that form the economic growth of its nation, but when the people are impoverished, then the nation remains poor even though it has abundant natural resources, but taken by the few politicians and the government staff. The national still remain poor.

The passage of the welfare to the people is corrupted by same politicians, so the people have to go get it by means of the justice walk through the application of the law (constitution). Tell government officials that they have failed the people whom by which their power and authority is derived and call to probe any agency who has diverted any fund for the development of the people.

Such as that of the office of the Special Adviser to the President, has fulfilled its duty, and has diverted the money meant for the seatime training of the students of the World Maritime University/Copenhagen Maritime Academy, Sweden. For over five years the victims of this corruption have endured enough and have decided to take the one more step by bringing the attention of the President, Muhammadu Buhari to the corruption in the office of his special adviser to the Niger Delta Affairs, the money for their seatime training was illegally retrieved from the Foundation for Youth Development who was at that time, the training facilitator/vendor. Since then the people for which the office of the special adviser was created for the welfare of the people of the Niger Delta, has been marginalized in a discriminating manner and are subjected to suffering, as their seatime training is halted by the officials and politicians who took the money away and embezzled it. This corrupt practice is killing the development of the people. Although the money was sent to the Treasury Single Account (TSA) as explained by the manager of the foundation for youth development, but Mr. Oluri the Amnesty maritime officer, denied the position of the FYD, saying that the money for the seatime training has not been retrieved, meaning that the money is still with the training vendor FYD.

On one of the student’s protest in Abuja, Prof. Charles Dokubo the current SA to the president on Niger Delta Affairs called the Nigerian Army who intimidated and took them away from the office, since then the office keeps telling them in two weeks time they (the student) will go on board the seatime training, posting them forward, without fulfilling its promises.

The right to education, in page 208 through 212, of the Human Rights handbook for parliamentarian of the United Nation’s Publication, box 95 poverty and education. The UN guiding principle on extreme poverty and human rights (A/HRC/2V39) observe in paragraph 87 that “education is a crucial means by which persons can develop their personalities, talents and abilities to the fullest potential, increasing their chances of finding employment, of participating more effectively in society and escaping poverty”. The economic consequences of not finishing this seatime training are devastating and will perpetuate the cycle of poverty, and would push the Ex-militants to violence which government listens to. The story at this point is on Article 26(1) of the UDHR, it includes technical and professional education for the progressive introduction of free education and tired in Article 13 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights ICESCR, section (b) state, including technical and vocational secondary schools. But the technical schools have also been killed by the government official by way of embezzlement of funds meant for the technical and vocational education.

A visit to the Government Technical College, Port Harcourt, Rivers State reveals the deplorable state of the technical and vocational education. No adequate equipments for the learning, although the teachers are putting their best in taking their job very seriously. One of such are the computer teachers. On exhibition of the students’ work, on a day, we found a computer laptop made by one of the students, without computers for the training of the children, a child was able to manufacture a laptop. The student said he got the knowledge through the note the teacher wrote on the board which he copied into his own note book. There are renovation works ongoing for the junior section of the Technical College. On the senior section, there are posts of World Bank intervention programme; yet the school is deplorable. So where are the funds going to?

Government does not take the education sector seriously anymore as it was in the beginning of education in the hands of the government in Nigeria. In the way, the money meant for the technical education is swindled the same way the office of the special adviser has corruptly embezzled/swindled the about N142,000,000.00K (One hundred and forty two million naira) meant for the concluding part of the maritime education, to be certified and gain employment, for this education is meant for the freedom of economic slavery - poverty.

These boys are treated this way, because they are not the relatives of the officials of the office of the special adviser to the president on Niger Delta affairs except one who may not be the favourite of the coordinator of the presidential amnesty programme Prof. Charles Dokubo. All attempts to reach the professor have so far proved abortive as his telephone number would not connect anymore. Even Mr. Oluri, a staff of the office of the special adviser to the president who was contacted, denied that the money meant for the seatime was withdrawn. A directive of the S.A to the president, General Boro leadership, then, on the other hand, the training Vendor, Foundation for Youth and Development Mr. Wasiu admitted that his office received a directive from the S.A’s office to return the money. They, the students who were meant for a foreign seatime training, are now to be trained in Nigeria, he continued by saying that there are no good place to train the student in Nigeria; but the S.A’s office of the president (presidential amnesty programme) insisted that the training must be local on this disagreement S.A’s office sent a directive note that the money be retrieved.

Connecting NIMASA, into this story is the fact that NIMASA are to receive the trainees and to be sent to the appropriate company which has moving vessels who will after the training, issue a certification certificate at the conclusion of the seatime training.

Corruption in its different forms, NIMASA smartly coveted the picture of the student and made a publication on a news platform called NIMASA servicom, International Maritime Organization (IMO) certified international maritime students 2014, under federal government sponsorship, OSAPNG/NIMASA on seatime training that these students have been trained by NIMASA with certification certificate. This is forgery and fraudulent on the part of NIMASA. But the students reacted on a publication of a newspaper to refute the forgery and fraudulent acts of NIMASA impostor.

NIMASA claimed it has trained them and certified; this is a misinformation on the public deceiving the president of the work they never did, meanwhile this is to put the student in bad light as they are still struggling to get to the seatime training.

They contacted a human rights activist of my very person - Charles Mubula Mopho-Odaga, to assist them in getting their story and their voice heard in the light of truth for them to be called to board for the seatime training, outside Nigeria as the programme was built as such.

The S.A to the president on Niger Delta affairs told the students that in the next two weeks time that was on the 12th of March, 2019 by a representative of the SA Mr. Mazuo and Mr. Adams staff of the office of the S.A, Mr. Brown Aroloyeteim, were all present who spoke the words of Professor Charles Dokubo, although Mr. Aroloyeteim Brown refused to pick his call as it was placed to hear his part of the story of the retrieval of the fund that has halted the seatime training.

In addition, to the decision of the ex-militants of the Niger Delta who were enrolled into the Presidential Amnesty Programme, they have chosen the pathway of justice on a non-violent way refusing to go back to the creeks taking a professional training for nation building and vowed that there is no going back to the creeks until their seatime training is accomplished.

Education, technical education is crucial to the position of the president, as has to do with economic recovery of the seamen for deep sea fishing vessels to boost the supply of fish to the Nigerian market, and for export.

Therefore, we call on the president, Mohammadu Buhari to intervene and direct the relevant agency to get the students of the World Maritime University, Copenhagen and Malmo Maritime Academy – Sweden on board for their seatime training, the final stage of their Maritime Work training, which will increase the nation’s Gross Domestic Production (GDP). It is truly a fight against poverty, for the economic recovery of President Mohammed Buhari National Business.

Thank you sir.

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