COVID-19 Regulations Unconstitutional - South African Court

A South African court has ruled that COVID-19 regulations in that country are unconstitutional and therefore invalid as they infringe on human rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights. The South African constitution and its judiciary are largely held globally and in Africa as the quintessential examples of what justice systems ought to be.

Three questions emerge here:

  1. Noting the influence and strategic geo-political position of South Africa in the Africa region and southern Africa in particular, are we likely to see similar petitions coming up in other countries?

  2. After allowing governments to suspend human rights to fight COVID-19 are citizens and their representative groups re-claiming their rights back and calling upon the State to protect their rights?

  3. What does this mean in the fight against COVID-19 as there are still many ‘uncertainties’ and ‘unknowns’? Are human rights, after being suspended, becoming front and centre in the fight against COVID-19? Will States be able to effectively fight an invicible enemy that they do not have adequate intelligence about while still respecting human rights?

For more read here: Lockdown rules 'unconstitutional and invalid' - high court

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Our organisation was the one who did it, Liberty Fighters Network (LFN)…

  1. We would like all fellow Africans to follow suit and to join forces against our governments abusing the opportunity COVID-19 gave them to violate our human rights. This is an African victory and not only for SA.

  2. Yes. That is what we all must do, otherwise we have lost our liberation for ever.

  3. When are we going to have the guts to say openly that COVID-19 is NOT the threat WHO made it? For how long must we be quiet on the deceit of our governments of the world and that there are clear evidence that the cases are manipulated? This must stop and only the people can stop it.

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True, some governments are using COVID-19 regulations to violate human rights. However, there is need to balance human rights and addressing rising COVID-19 infections. It will not be easy to find the middle ground but I think one way of ensuring that States respect human rights during this public health emergency is by establishing a broad based platform for consultation when reviewing COVID-19 guidelines.

The balance will be for people to realise for once and for all that we all have been taken for a ride with the extent of COVID-19. Our leaders have deceived us and the people need answers and not more “guidelines”.

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Dear Mr. De Beer,

I would like to make contact with you. I watched a lengthy interview you did with Loving Life, a youtube channel, and came to understand your values and what you stand for. I would like to get involved.



Dear Themba,

You are welcome. Email me on

It is so sad what is happening in SA and all over the world because of this COVID-19 scam and its up to us to get the message out.

Thank you for your speedy reply Reyno. I did not see the email address in your last message. Kindly resend.

Thank you

Hi. Seems emails are blocked by the blog. it’s my name reyno followed by the @ sign and then our name libertyfighters dot co dot za.

Thank you very much.