CSW64 / Beijing+25 - Supporting member participation

Hi members of our @WomensRights working group (and any other interested network member)!

Will any of you be participating in CSW64 / Beijing+25 (2020) in March? As my colleague posted earlier, we are trying to decide how best to support out network members who are engaging in this year’s session of the Commission on the Status of Women. Here are the types of support we may be able to provide. Let us know if this might be helpful to you!

  • Spotlight and amplify your work on gender equality through the Justice For All campaign
  • Engage high level partners like The Elders to focus attention on access to justice and women’s rights
  • Support a side event at the CSW at the UN in March, bringing in global justice partners like UN Women, Justice Taskforce and supporting with logistics (with some funding to bring speakers to this event)
  • Provide key positions and messages on why financing and protection for grassroots justice defenders advances gender equality to feed into the outcome document

Dear Abigail Thanks for the information concerning Beijing+25.As for us we would like to involve elderly people for more guidance . We need your support.

Flora Masoy


Hallo. I have been confirmed to attend the conference. However does anyone know of any grants available for travel and accommodation? I will greatly appreciate


Thanks, @FloraMasoy and @peggynyambura! We are hoping to support network members by raising the visibility of their work. We’ll be in touch soon with some ideas. @peggynyambura, the few opportunities for travel grants that I know of had deadlines to apply last year, apologies.


Ooh my. Thank you for the feedback though.


I intend to participate. I however, have not seen the schedule of the side events. Anyone with that access could kindly assist. I also believe that it will be a good opportunity to meet some network members.


Hi @marynjeri, that’s great that you will be there! I know there are a couple of other members going including @deniseddora - perhaps you two could find an event to attend together. Here is the latest list of Side Events taking place at CSW - this spreadsheet has all the events listed and is being updated by NGO CSW NY who have lots of other great resources for participating in CSW, including some useful orientation videos, and a very useful mailing list you may wish to sign up for. Here are a few side that look like they could be of interest to the group (make sure to check if you need to register for the specific event beforehand):

  • 11 March 10:30 AM : Justice to Come: Migration and Gender at Beijing+25 The Armenian Convention Center Vartan Hall, Center for Migration, Gender and Justice (CMGJ)

  • 11-March 2:30 PM: Engaging Men and Boys as Partners in Ending FGM: Lessons learnt in the past 25 years of the Beijing Church Center for the United Nations, Sonke Gender Justice

  • 11-March 2:30 PM: Environmental Justice & World Leadership: Lessons from a CEDAW State Church Center for the United Nations, San Francisco Department on the Status of Women

  • 11-March 6:15 PM #DoneWaiting: Making Gains Toward Women’s Economic Justice Church Center for the United Nations, Canadian Labour Congress

  • 12-March 8:30 AM A Justice Framework by Global South Feminists: Transforming Approaches to Accountability Church Center for the United Nations, RESURJ

  • 12-March 12:30 PM Family Law and Violence Against Women: how to access justice? 4 W 43rd Street, Center for Egyptian Women’s Legal Assistance

  • 12-March 6:15 PM Cost Benefit Analysis of Legal Aid: SDGs and Access to Justice for Women 4 W 43rd Street, Women Aid Collective

  • 12-March 6:15 PM Feminist Approaches to Justice: Addressing Incarcerated and Reentering Women Worldwide Salvation Army, World Society of Victimology

  • 13-March 2:30 PM Women in the Frontlines: Gender Justice in Armed Conflicts - Putting Women at the Center The Armenian Convention Center, CARE International

  • 16-March 4:30 PM Ensure Climate Change Justice and Environmental Safety for Gender Equality Church Center for the United Nations, Women Engage for a Common Future

  • 18-March 8:30 AM Advancing Women’s Access to Justice: Community-Based Solutions Church Center for the United Nations, The Carter Center @Bindu are you involved in organizing this event?

  • 18-March 2:30 PM South feminists organizing: Accountability and gender justice in south-south cooperation, BRICS Feminist Watch

  • 19-March 10:30 AM Indigenous Women: Fighting Obstacles to Effective Access to Justice Salvation Army, EQUIS Justicia para las Mujeres

  • 20-March 8:30 AM Herstories: Grassroots Atrocity Prevention and Transitional Justice Initiatives Church Center for the United Nations, International Coalition of Sites of Conscience (ICSC)

As @abigailmoy mentioned - we are going to be promoting out the work of our members on social media throughout the CSW and we should be able to share more on that later today with the group!


Dear Stacey, I highly appreciate this information and guidance, it helps me to focus on what is more relevant and of higher value towards maximising my time at the CSW.

I following closely on new information that you will be sharing.

Thank you



I may participate on CSW 64, but no final confirmation yet. Will let you know if I am attending


Hi there, as I am sure many of you will have seen, CSW has been cancelled due to the current Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak. For those who were planning on attending, or for those who would like to get involved there is an online forum taking place- you can registered here for the Virtual NGO CSW64 Forum Consultation Day . This will be taking place on Monday, Mar 16, 2020 10am ET (1 hours 30 minutes). You can also see the Political declaration on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women that will signed here.


Hi all, sharing a recording of the virtual CSW Consultation Day for those who might be interested in listening.

Listen to the recording of

our Virtual Consultation Day!

Thank you to the almost 600 people

who joined our Virtual Consultation Day!

We are so proud of and encouraged by the feminist and women activists who are still galvanizing and working toward gender equality during this difficult time.

If you were not able to join the conference, you can listen to the recording here! Additionally, read the presentations of Mabel Bianco, Fundación para Estudio e Investigación de la Mujer; and Zaruhi Batoyan, Armenian Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, who were not able to present during the call.

View the accompanying Powerpoint presentation here.

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