Disability, Parenting and GBV

I am Esther A mother with a disability and together with 20 Disabled we started Support Organization of Parents with Disabilities. We are interested in learning from others a) How are disabled mothers handling parenthood skills? b) Disabled mothers are suffering from SGBV, how are you handling the situation in your communities? c) Link us to partners who are advocating for the rights of disabled mothers


Esther you are welcome and thanks for bringing up this topics, yes discrimination and violation against people living with disability is a crime imbibed in the constitution of my country Nigeria. Am going to take a closer look at cases of SGBV against person’s living with disability and the challenges of parenting for those living with disability. Thanks for sharing

Dear @SOPADI It is a pleasure to know you! I’m Rachel Magege from Tanzania and would like to link you with two organizations advocating for people with disabilities. Both organizations are headed by amazing women that I have previously worked with.

Please find their LinkedIn profiles here below and should you need any more assistance please feel free to reach out to me:

Songambele Initiative - https://www.linkedin.com/in/songambele-initiative-organisation-954452161/, and find their website - https://www.songambele.org/. The CEO and Founder is a mother living with a disability, and a great friend of mine.

Aisha Msantu, Executive Director of Glaring Future Foundation - https://www.linkedin.com/in/aisha-msantu-7012491a3/, and here is their website - https://glaringfuturefoundation.or.tz/

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