Discusion on poor-who is poor -what is poor mind or What.?

How should we reach the intended.?-Do they know you/me exists-Are we serious.?-These are most important reasoning issues to tackle

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Hi @SIAYI! Thanks for starting this topic on the poor, which goes to the heart of this network and what brings us together. Legal empowerment should be for everyone, but it is the poor who need it most. Understanding them and their circumstances is crucial.

To kick off the conversation, can you explain in your own words why you think it’s an important topic? Can you tell us some more about your community that you serve and your experience?

Also, you are asking a number of questions. :slight_smile: Maybe you can clarify which questions you want us to focus on. We can then update the title accordingly to draw in fellow members who are interested and have things to say.

(note: I moved this topic from #advocacy to #community category since I see it as a topic of longer term general interest. Perhaps we can start some more related topics later about specific campaigns.)

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With the know how I am working fully and voluntarily working with the organization and its hag been in operational in the community for over 10 years with a Mission to serve mankind especially in providing the following:Educational,Developmental as well as Health related services and Spiritual services;I have worked hard to fight povert all the way but with not much outcome.Why.?Those I work with had no much knowledge of what I am working on.NOW the question is this;how should one know you are serious;while also you are poor.People we serve are needy and they want to make sure that you mean what you do.Speak.etc.

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