Discussion: how grassroots justice defenders are promoting citizen engagement (week 9)


(Coco Lammers) #1

This post is part of 10 Weeks of Action : Demanding funding and protection for grassroots justice defenders by calling on our community to sign the #JusticeForAll petition. Each week, we will spotlight how access to justice is critical to the advancement of different thematic issues.

Grassroots justice defenders work with communities to help them exercise their rights, which in turn promotes citizen engagement and instills a deeper sense of democracy.

This week’s Featured Resource highlight the brand news was the Open Government Partnership, a global initiative through promotes government transparency, accountability, and participation is shifting its approach to grassroots justice.

Discussion: What are some of the ways your work helps increase citizen engagement in your community?

We look forward to seeing your ideas and input in the comments below.

(Abdulrasaq Kareem) #2

This is an interesting topic.

How likely are you to recommend the Global Legal Empowerment Network?

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