Discussion: Women's Rights - what should we do? (Week 2)

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This week is Week 2: women's rights - Justice For All

Over 4 billion people live outside the protection of the law. Over half of them are women. Women’s access to justice is a critical pillar towards addressing the justice gap around the world towards our collective vision of achieving “Justice For All”. Because gender equality impacts over half of the population, interventions around issues facing women and girls have catalytic effects on sustainable development and peace around the world.

Despite progress on access to justice and legal empowerment over the last 10 years, women are disproportionately impacted by a lack of access to justice. Fortunately, there are positive examples of how organizations and interventions that specifically help and target women are changing trends on gender inequality. Read more.

Network member @deniseddora from THEMIS wrote a blog on legal empowerment approaches to tackling #gbv and asks an important question:

If gender-based violence is a systemic problem; if governments and legislators are aware of it; and if the justice systems do not provide reparation, what should women do?

As she notes, “This question has inspired the feminist global movement in the last 50 years to launch campaigns, rethink public policies and create networks of solidarity and mutual support among women.”

One of the solutions Themis and others in #latinamerica are using is the Promotoras Legais Populares (PLP), or popular legal promoters or women paralegals, methodology. Read more.

What do you think? What should women do? What should legal empowerment practicioners do to advance women’s rights around the world?

Today, the government of #Somalia announced its first ever prosecution against female genital mutilation (#fgm), a small step towards promoting women’s rights to #health and access to justice. But, we know that governments can do a lot more, especially to ensure that grassroots justice approaches to women’s rights and access to justice are properly funded and protected.

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You may find this dissertation helpful in regards to women living with disabilities and SGBV


Thank you so much for sharing this resource on this important topic area, @nashmeister

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As community paralegals, out major responsibility is to help our communities know the law, use the law and shape the law. Today marks the first day of 16days of activism . Meaning its the first of 16days set aside to shine the light on issues of violence against persons especially women. So as a paralegal, what are your plans in your community? Orange your world by organizing sessions on topics of domestic, sexual and all forms of violence against women and children.

Early/ forced marriage / teen pregnancy . If today is gone, you have 15 others left. #HearMetoo is the campaign #tag , let’s hear our paralegals campaign and help women know laws and procedure for taking action on violence. I would love to read about what you are doing in 're comment column.