Good Evening Team .I just felt i need to share this. As i was visiting the County in the waiting room an Arab lady approached me. She said she saw many leaders nodding at me on way in way out and she assumed i must have a voice in the County. I shared what i do in peace and she poured her heart out. She was married for more than ten years. On her fourth pregnancy she miscaried and received a divorce while in hospital. A month later her hussy remarried and lived with his second wife of whom they also have two children in her home which she claims they struggled together. She was denied access to her children. Her life then has been in and out of hospital. The huge medical bills have left her broke. Her mind was kind of unstable, maybe insanity but recovered now. Cancer has caught up with her. She cried as she narrated this and i felt my tears rolling. The said husband is now a tycoon with lost of tall buildings named after her Children. Last week she was able to stay with her first birn for one day before they were flown out of the Country. She says they talked the whole night to recover lost time. She yearns for more time with her children. She want to sue for alimony and get something to help on her medical condition. I feel this is something that i need to push and Nail. Is Namati Kenya able to work with me on this to help Saada… Thank you.

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Dear Mary,

If you are in Kenya, you may visit Kenya Law Association and find out whether there are any Legal Aid agencies, where lawyers offer free services to clients.

She needs a lawyer to look at the divorce documents, and advise her accordingly… because normally alimony are part of the terms of the divorce. Its also important to get more information from her, about the nature of the divorce. She may also start a suit over the property… however, she has to provide evidence on her contributions, towards the purchase or construction of the property, e.g receipts, witnesses; but the first thing to do is find a good lawyer…



Thank you Mary for telling us about this distressing situation. Nobody should ever have to endure what this woman and her children have had to endure. I am glad you reached out to our community for advice. I am also glad to see @stellaobita’s helpful reply from Uganda.

@mustafa_mahmoud do you have any advice on organizations @mariahoyier might connect with for guidance on dealing with this family mediation problem in Mombasa?

I’d also be very interested in seeing a discussion here amongst paralegals on how to help people like this lady, whose circumstances seem to be so hopeless, to know and use the law. The starting point, after comforting her and helping her to see that she is not alone and helpless, is as @stellaobita suggests to help her understand that she needs to start gathering evidence. What’s next?

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