Do you have a website? Is it secured with https?

I received the following via email from our website hosting provider and wanted to pass the very good advice along to network members. If you have a website, please be sure right now that it is secured! If it’s not, ask your provider to help fix this. Since the advent of Let’s Encrypt SSL a few years ago it’s completely free and easy to set up, so there’s no excuse! We at Namati secured all of our websites years ago already and it’s been seamless.

Let me know if you have any questions. The explanation below is specific to wpengine, the hosting provider we use, but it will be (should be) similar at your hosting provider.


Google to Display “Not Secure” Warning Hello Tobias,

In Google Chrome 68, anticipated for release in July 2018, the web browser will begin displaying a warning that websites accessed over HTTP are “not secure.” This is the latest change in Google’s campaign for a secure web, reinforcing the use HTTPS on websites. As our valued customer, our goal is to make sure you are prepared for this change! Use the checklist below to make sure your website is secured:

  1. Add a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for all live domains
  2. Select to “Secure all URLs” on your primary domain to enforce HTTPS on your full website Tip : Live domains include your root domain ( and www subdomain ( That’s it! Two simple steps to secure your website with HTTPS. To read more about SSL certificates, check out our guide, How can I get HTTPS for my site?

Kind regards,

The WP Engine Team


Great, this need to be taken into consideration for the safety of our website

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Une bonne initiative et qui doit être encouragé !

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