Do you work with women in prison? Please share any good practice examples


(Sabrina Mahtani) #1

Hello Members. I am sharing two opportunities to share your work with incarcerated or formerly incarcerated women.

  1. I am putting together a training guide which will share best practices on the use of non-custodial measures for women in conflict with the law. It will also feature examples of the gender-sensitive application of criminal laws, policies and procedures. It would be wonderful to feature any of your work and examples of best practices which will be used in this global training guide. Please share here or feel free to contact me directly at

  2. Penal Reform International has put out a call for best practices on rehabilitation and reintegration of women prisoners Call for information: Rehabilitation and reintegration for women prisoners - Penal Reform International

Thank you all and look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Sabrina, am looking forward to get information about the documents of Womein prison.

How likely are you to recommend the Global Legal Empowerment Network?

Thank you. What can we do better?

Thank you. What can be improved?

Fabulous! What do you like most?

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