Domestic Violence

Good Morning. In our day to day activities as Human Rights Activists, we tend to hold accountable systems of a Government or Wrongs of a company and so on. We sometimes fail to see that sometimes these rights are violated by,in relevance to my topic, even spouses or family members of neighbours. This past week in Kenya, a video circulated showing a Man abusing his wife on the road. It is a horrifying scene. What bugged me most was that there were other people watching this happen including the person who was filming that terrible act. Well undisclosed sources say that in the community that these people come from, a third party should not intervene during acts of Domestic violence. We have in the past seen spouses being seriously hurt others even die as a result of the mistreatment. Apart from engaging in the Criminal Justice system of reporting such cases and arrests are made and the long prosecution begins, I believe that there is need to educate everyone about Domestic Violence and to inform victims that it is okay to speak out against it
What other thing can be done to reduce such cases? Since I know that this is a global issue.


A big shout out to all here on Namati - for help in the uk- my quest for justice has been going on for 17yrs. and I am very tired of it, my case touches on inequality and has significant issues of domestic violence but I have been unable to obtain justice and have been ‘harassed’ by all parties so called in place to support single-parent families. I face homelessness yet again and legal aid has been withdrawn by my government. How can I fight for my rights they have all been seriously infringed- making my life a living hell and for a time my childs life too??

Domestic violence is a deeper and more obscure problem than we can imagine! I think the empowerment of women is so important, to be better targeted, including legal empowerment is primordial. But then we come across cases of domestic violence that confuse us. When we speak of domestic violence it is very common to refer to a reality of poverty, submission, lack of education, lack of voice, power, strength. But when violence occurs with properly educated women? Those who know exactly their rights, how to activate and enforce them? A recent case of domestic violence here in Brazil has shocked everyone. A lawyer was cruelly tortured by her husband and the outcome culminated in her death. The strong scenes of aggression were recorded by the security cameras of the building and showed the cowardice of that man, who ended with the “fall” of the lawyer of the fourth floor of his apartment. I don’t know how to answer the initial question, but I know we need to think about an effective way of legal and women empowerment, so that it works for all levels of education and culture.

Interesting perspective, what happened to that lady is sad. Just goes a long way to show that diverse systems should be put in place where it is okay for persons from all works of life to speak out . It’s also a reality that there are men who face Domestic violence but do not speak out. It is definitely a challenge because a victim cannot be forced to walk out however, our criminal justice systems should be sufficient enough. It’s also great to have support groups for victims.

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