DRC to disclose large-scale agricultural contracts

[DRC to disclose large-scale agricultural contracts] (http://ccsi.columbia.edu/files/2016/10/Press-Release-DRC-and-CCSI-OpenLandContracts-5-Oct-2016.pdf?utm_source=CCSI+Media+Mailing+List&utm_campaign=c26187e679-PR%3A+DRC+to+disclose+large-scale+ag+contracts&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a437e0fd88-c26187e679-)

The government of the DRC has announced that it will make available to the public all of its large-scale agricultural contracts, and that it will develop a new online repository for these documents in partnership with the [Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment] (http://ccsi.columbia.edu/) (CCSI). The new repository will be linked to OpenLandContracts.org, a global repository of publicly available land, agriculture, and forestry contracts.

Once the government discloses its estimated 20 agricultural contracts, which it aims to do by early 2017, it will be the second country in the world to provide transparency for both agricultural and forestry contracts. Contract transparency in the land sector lags far behind transparency in the extractive sector, with at least 29 countries either having already disclosed their extractive contracts, or having committed to doing so.

Further information can be found in the joint press release sent out by CCSI this morning, available here.