Drug abuse Among women of Northern Nigeria

What’s the way forward to solving drug abuse among female gender of the norther Nigeria, whose drug use is in the increase?

Let there be a continuous orientation about the use of drugs, the disadvantages attached to being addicted to drugs will be the order of priority. The can only be carried out by an NGO or an arms of government bcoz it requires some funds. By the time this is carried out, group going from one community to another, enlightening them more than ever before (bcoz these people lacks moral education), I believe there will be a tremendous change. Thanks

Religious leaders, political and community leaders also have roles to play in this regard.

Drug abuse among women in Nigeria is unfortunate. However, this is not only in Nigeria even other countries like Uganda. For example, i have been in Arua and you find women selling marijuana on the streets, same in Kasese. Unfortunately the ones selling are women and ladies not men, this exposes them to using these drugs as they claim they are looking for a livelihood.

What can be done to help these women? This a moral issue and must be addressed by all stakeholders in society by providing alternative sources of income to these women. If they must continue same business, then they should be educated on the positive and negative impact of using these drugs. This can help them to take it as an income source and should not use them.

Policies handling drugs in any country should be strengthened and implemented so that persons affected can face the law and they can be examples to the rest.