Drugs abuse,the block of youths future

The use of psychoactive substances constitutes one of most important public health problems among youth worldwide. Recent studies in African countries have shown that the phenomenon of drug use is also common in this continent and is becoming one of the most disturbing health-related problems among youths.


It has become a big challenge in Nigeria to the extent some drugs had been banned by the federal government such as tramadol. It deserves a serious attention.

You are right Mr Bernard,it is serious in the whole continent.

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I have witnessed it, most of my friends before they were involved in drug abuse, they were brilliant and responsible citizens, However, I saw gradual negative change in most of them who started involving themselves in bad peer groups, seriously you can not determine their destination when they under influence of drugs. Most youth have lost truck in their lives and are no longer productive in the communities.

The most troubling issue is that those politicians who are supposed to correct all these anormalies through legislative bill and executive order are the one encouraging them during electioneering campaign.

This is a sad reality especially for medicines that can be obtained over the counter without prescription like Cough syrup. This is the worst thing that has hit us after many of our youths discovered how potent they are after an American pop idol spoke so high about it. This is spreading so fast throughout Africa at an alarming rate. Check this sad BBC story about Nigeria and the use of cough syrup. This one about South Africa. East Africa is also not spared and this is a story in Kenya.

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Exactly, unemployment one among the strong reason for youth to engage to that activities. We need to change the mindset of our youth, they are not required to imitate everything.