Dutch Human Rights Fund

Hi all,

The Netherlands has launched a Human Rights Fund grant opportunity (“MRF 2019-2021”) which may be of interest to some Network members.

A total of €23 million is available under the MRF 2019-2021. The minimum grant amount for MRF 2019-2021 is €1 million and the maximum €3 million. Projects must have a duration of between two and four years. Projects must start between 1 April 2019 and 1 October 2020, and end no later than 1 October 2024.

It appears that applications are considered on a rolling basis through July 2020, but I assume it is better to apply ASAP.

Activities needs to correspond to one of the following themes:

  • freedom of expression;
  • internet freedom;
  • freedom of religion and belief;
  • human rights defenders;
  • equal rights for LGBTI persons;
  • promotion of the international legal order / the fight against impunity.

Please see the document entitled Human Rights Fund Grant Policy Framework 2019-2021 (Human Rights Fund Grant Policy Framework 2019-2021 | Policy note | Government.nl) for more information, including details regarding each of the themes.

Thanks, Caitlin


Thanks, I will share with other networks


Dear Caitlin, Corruption Brakes Crusade (COBRA) and Lango Human Rights Defenders (LAHRD) are grateful for the notice and will submit and application.thanks