EDUCATION is the only source for the development of citizens and their country

(Vishakha Pandey) #1

Education is the source of all the innovations that happens to be emanate in the entire world, for development of any country , the combatants and non- combatants have to be educated , until and unless they are not educated neither they will be able to develop themselves nor the country will develop.

It high time call now that we should work on educating people rather than anything like commulanism, gender equality, and so on. when people’s mind will be induced with new positive thoughts through education they themselves understand the right and wrong though they understand many things but their minds have been manipulated because of which they are not able to function properly and hue and cry emanated in every part of the country.

(Musa Sheriff) #2

That is right but not what is happening in the world today especially in Africa. The failure of African educators to share and innovate has caused great damages to the continent. Since the attainment independence from colonial masters and achieving good education the good news from Africa’s is war, corruption and disaster.
Those that are educated are the worse and corrupt and also good at abusing public offices.

(Vishakha Pandey) #3

yeah, indeed what you are saying is correct but what these people are doing are not educated rather they are literate only and there is huge difference in between a literate person and educated person. we have to work on educating our people , we have induce in them the seed of knowledge that grow like a giant fruitful tree in later years and not just to literate them.

(Bonani Madina) #4

In my view, education on its own is not enough to change this disastrous course many African countries are on. I believe it is high time we bring value addition to the education of children by promoting understanding of important concepts such as tolerance, transparency, respect for others etc. It is even much much valuable if all this is framed within democratic language and done with the aim of producing a democratic spirit in learners. Without affecting the young generation - “capturing them young” in a manner of speaking, education like health, land rights, citizenship will remain ensconced in corruption, poverty and lack of respect for human rights. That means no community transformation.

(Vishakha Pandey) #5

yes i completely agree with you. but the question is who is going to initiate for this, because government is not much interested in welfare of the children or education or in any sort of field until and unless they are getting benefits from what they do. Its not impossible to pursue with the same vision but up to some extent its hard to commence.

(Bonani Madina) #6

I think platforms like this are a very good starting point, because they make us realise we have a role to play in our communities, no matter how small those efforts may seem. My argument has always been, we need to teach or train or inculcate the right values in our younger populations. That’s a starting point. That way we are able to influence future generations, if not in their decision-making, at least their perceptions of what is good for their nations and global development.

The second issue is that we all continue with what many of our colleagues/partners in civil society have been doing: demand accountability from our leaders, from our governments. In my view, once we let up on that, future generations are also going to be moving in similar thinking and acting patterns. A vicious circle of sorts. So, let’s continue with this work which in my opinion includes supporting as much as possible active and meaningful participation of the general population in the formulation of policy.

My two cents!:relaxed:

(Mangwalala John Wilson) #7

Education is indeed key to development. Look at nations whose people are educated, they are able to develop their countries. A nation whose people are not educated to me is a dying one since there is a lot of belief in superstition and superstition is retrogressive. To cap it all it is education that will let citizens contribute meaningfully to the development of their nations in all life’s spheres

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