Empowerment for inmates of Nigerian Prisons Service in Ogun State, Nigeria

We want to invite any interested participants to a graduation ceremony we are planning for the inmates of The Nigerian Prisons Service in Ogun State Nigeria, 65 inmates are graduating after learning different vocational work. It is my pleasure to have you in our midst on the 2nd June 2018.

Please feel free to send us a mail at pralarg@yahoo.com


Thank you for posting about this event. It sounds quite wonderful! Do tell us some more about the project, how it came to be, the goals, outcomes, and also what you have learned along the way. Inspiring, educational stories are always welcome!

Also, please remember to share stories and photos from the event here, for the benefit of those of us who are not able to attend in person.

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I am directed by Pralarg Int’l Prisons Intervention Team (PPIT) a department within Pralarg Int’l to inform all Pralagians and the general public of our forthcoming events in the Nigerian Prisons Service, Abeokuta Prison.

The Project

65 inmates of the Abeokuta Prisons are having their graduation ceremony on the 2nd of June 2018 after passing through various skill acquisition programmes, the ceremony would fully be sponsored by Pralarg International.


We request the presence of Civil Societies, Non-governmental organizations, NBA, Religious Organizations, Media, Groups and Individuals both home and abroad to be part of this great events.


Few personalities have been selected from the general public for our special PEACE award, we are also using this medium to request the general public to nominate anybody that has shown beyond reasonable doubt the symbol of peace to be eligible to be Pralarg Peace Ambassadors.

Date, Time and Venue

  • 2nd June 2018
  • 10am prompt
  • Nigerian Prisons Service, Ibara Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.


Most of the inmates before now go back to crime after their jail terms because of the following reasons

  1. Most of them lose their life savings in the cause of LITIGATIONS
  2. Most of them face STIGMATIZATION from friends and families
  3. Most of them have no one to help them after discharge/release


It is high time we begin to see inmate empowerment as a very important thing to do so as to prevent back to crime syndrome of ex-convicts going back to commit a crime. Remember, Prisons Inmates Rehabilitation is Everybodys Busines because all of us will suffer it if we don’t do it.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share this project Tobias, I will upload all the details after the programs, more pictures about our activities can also be seen on our website www.pralarg.org

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Stigmazation especially from family and neighbours is the worst challenge for its a direct slap that kills exconvicts softly. Acceptance needs to be worked on @OlayemiAkinwunmi


prisoners are humans and there are also those who end up being imprisoned despite being innocent mainly because of a flawed justice system. we should always help them feel human in order to avoid the chances of recidivism through forgiveness and reconciling them with the society. Even thouigh i am not in Nigeria, i allude to such initiatives because they help in rehabilitation and retribution.


We appreciate everyone for your support for the program, we started with enlightenment walk tagged Inmate Reformation is Everyone Business, we marched to the prison

At about 11 am, the invited guests started coming into the prison, including the journalists,

The programme started with a welcome address from the Deputy Controller of prisons, a welcome address from the CEO Pralarg Int’l, followed by the organization achievement by the head of the legal department of Pralarg Int’l, we ended the programme by the presentation of the certificate to 82 inmates by the agency for mass education.


Great. This Is Wonderful. Action for real @OlayemiAkinwunmi. Allow us to share on our Onugpwani media for motivation @tobiaseigen

Of course you can share! The best way to share forum posts via social media is to grab the link using the :link: on the post menu. That way people are taken straight to the post where they can then join in, and you as the person who shared it get credit towards sharing badges!

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Please, feel free to do that, more pictures can be found on our website www.pralarg.org

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