Enforcing human rights in the united states

The United States sits on the United Nations Human Rights Council yet doesn’t have a federal mechanism to address human rights abuses within the United States as per the recent delegation to CERD (August 2022).

As a Juridical Personality, we have made numerous requests for assistance at the State Department since it is documented on the State Department website:

“We are determined to put human rights at the center of our foreign policy, and we reaffirm this commitment by using appropriate tools and authorities to draw attention to and promote accountability for human rights violations and abuses, no matter where they occur”

We find this statement to be fundamentally false because the United States is at stage 10 DENIAL concerning the Indictment of the 5 Counts of Genocide against the United States by an International Panel of Jurist for human rights abuses against “Black Brown and Indigenous People” which includes “Black Indigenous People of Colour- BIPOC”. It is a disgrace that President Biden stated before the United Nations recently that the “United States will always support Human Rights”. It is obvious it doesn’t apply to "Black, Brown and Indigeous People (BIPOC) because we have well documented cases, complaints filed with the US Justice Department, Department of Defense, State Department, OAS, ICC, UN and there has been NO relief even though violations of Human Rights Remedies exists.

Genocide continues against American Aborigines simply from the fact the United States allows our people to be terrorized by its weaponized legal system in real time and arbitrarily lying about who we are while continuing to rank NUMBER ONE for Hyper-MASS INCARCERATIONS on the planet.

So again, what department at the State office or ANY department within the continental United State is equipped to fullfill its duty as a State Party to Human Rights Treaty Law and address the Continuum of Genocide against “Black, Brown, and Indigenous People- BIPOC”

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