Environment and country planning

I am of the firm view that Town and Country planning is very important aspect of environmental degradation chief outcome of failure to enforce the architectural plans in most of the Towns in Tamil Nadu in India have Town master plans often conceal existence of streets themselves as they are agricultural lands as per government records for example My own town Kulithalai in Karur District ,TN this racket involves millions of rupees , the efficacy of feeble enforcement is eaten away by the huge profitability of the real estate housing business, in this process, the unscrupulous elements obliterated natural water bodies, the galloping demand for housing in urban areas offers profitability which makes this businesspeople so privileged to throw every rule in book to dustbin , further the state level authorities like Animals Husbandry , Health and Horticulture whose policy and service has impact on the last mile service by Government have installed all institutions of vital importance and policy orientation huddles are held at Chennai located at northeastern corner of the state ,whereas the all the political conference cutting across party lines are held Tiruchirappalli located at the central part of the state, the same town is also well connected by air carriers , It is also available in the public domain that the state capital Chennai constantly consumes twice the total consumption of power by the rest of the state, Last census report says that 70 per cent of the state population is living within the limits of Towns designed by Town and country planning authority, we also see study increased migration to towns has resulted in desertion of many villages particularly in arid conditions like North Arcot, Thiruvannamalai, Ariyalur, Perambalur, Aravakurichi, pallapatti, Some more villages in Virudunagar District, the people living in this villages are very elderly, agriculture ceased to exist here for decade or so.

A discussion can help this issue, further the Indian polity has not responded to urbanization phenomenon as witnessed in pennisular India, my point is environmental degradation is mere effect but the causes for this effect is often vary place to place like industrialization ,urbanization and lack of governance


a very critical observation @jayaveladvocate. Would be wonderful to hear more about your experience in being able to address these issues and the matters you have litigated on. I am sure we can all learn from it.


Thank you for sharing your insight, @jayaveladvocate . Are there grassroots efforts in Kulithalai that are currently engaged with improving the enforcement of master plans? Is this something that perhaps the people could mobilize around? I think you might find some of the methods in this guide helpful when thinking about how to urge your government to enforce architectural planning more rigorously.

to be frankly, we are demoralized at this juncture , the reason is great mistrust and disconnect among those who are aware of perils of sand mining and the potential of money power as demonstrated in the previous rounds of litigation, Mr. Sekar Reddy a prime accused on money laundering cases , Padikasu @ramachandran and others are persons who arranged necessary money to the present Chief Minster of Tamil Nadu to buy necessary MLAs held in the enclave for forming the government by Sasikala family, later they auctioned the support of these MLA`s to three lieutenants of whom Mr. Edapadi Palanisamy was the successful bidder, the money for these political game was earned through the contract for mechanical excavation of sand by the these syndicate, who under the guise of being heavy machinder operator squander the sand and pass them off to other states, A lorry of sand from Karur , Triuchirappali and Tanjaore brings a sum of about 50,000 whereas they pay only handful few thousands only here are links for the litigation documents https://indiankanoon.org/doc/45597450/

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