Environment and social impacts of infrastructure corridors, smart cities and road networks

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The Delhi-Mumbai Infrastructure Corridor (DMIC) is a flagship project in India (http://www.dmicdc.com/). There are plans to develop “smart cities”, urban facilities and road networks to develop a global manufacturing trading hub. The central government is implementing it in collaboration with six state governments. Here is an investigative article which talks about the a range of land acquisition problems and other impacts across the corridor: http://scroll.in/article/746265/delhi-mumbai-industrial-corridor-is-running-into-multiple-mutinies-over-land-acquisition. This is second of a two part series run by the online portal Scroll. In some states across the corridor it has been easy to purchase land and in other states farmers have resisted it on grounds of poor compensation as well as environmental impacts. There is little information and research on the impacts on communities other than farmers.

Social movements in India have also raised serious alarms about the impacts of this project: http://sanhati.com/articles/6162/. Amongst other things they have raised the importance of studying social and environmental impacts before approving such as project.

It would be good to hear from other network members about similar initiatives in your countries, the nature of impacts and how affected people are responding to it. @ginococchiaro what about the A2 Road and LAPSSET related construction in Kenya?

Look forward to hearing from you all. Kanchi

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