Equal rights for women miners

Hello community! New member here; I’m a law student at UCLA and I interned with Namati over the summer. I’m working with a human rights lawyer from South Africa on a project that advocates for equal protection and treatment for women miners in South Africa, who are often forced to go on unpaid leave during pregnancy to protect their health. Has anyone worked on this or know advocacy orgs that have taken this up? We’re working with CALS at Wits University but would love other input!


Hello @ErinRubin

Wonderful to hear that you are working on this great and important cause. I do not know much about South African laws on protecting women miners, but please look into EITI (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative) as it is an establishment that sets out to hold states and mining companies accountable in their extractive work. I think there might be something on women miners.

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Hi Erin,

Apologies for a delayed reply. Three ideas to help with your research:

  • Publish What You Pay organized a number of groups to create a Femenist Natural Resource Agenda. The agenda, found here, includes workforce rights.

  • Natural Resource Governance Institute recently published a comparison of several mining laws and policies from a gendered perspective. Unfortunately, they did not find all that much that would be encouraging, but it may still be a helpful place to look.

  • Lastly, the International Women in Mining is a network pursuing gender equity in mining, with a particular focus on the workplace. They would be most likely to have resources on issues like pregnancy and leave.

Good luck! Rebecca

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I’m glad that you are working with some challenging due to cultural heritage. But I may like you look into EPA.In Sierra Leone maybe you can find out something meaningful to help you for your result also for our country women’s rights into mining.

Hello Erin Count me in especially in research and proposals.

Hi Everyone, Sorry for the delay and THANK YOU so much for the generous and helpful suggestions! Kevin, we’re not allowed to publish the paper we turn in for class but my partner and I discussed reworking it for publication and if we’re able to do that I will DEFINITELY get in touch!