Establishing a Paralegal Institute in Nigeria

My organization (Pralarg) is working on a process to establish Institute of Paralegal and Human Right Studies in Nigeria, where stakeholders can come together for research purposes and advocate for criminal justice reform. Our criminal justice needs urgent reformation, I can go on and on about the shortcomings in the system. We can not do this alone, we need assistance in developing the curriculum, stages, process, seminars, workshops and global acceptable format of the proposed program.


Hi @OlayemiAkinwunmi, this is an interesting initiative you are working on in Nigeria. I am sure @fatimaadamu, @OreOhimor, and @princeisraelorekha would be interested to hear more as they are all working in the paralegal sector in Nigeria as well. In another topic they have already been discussing formal recognition of paralegals in Nigeria here in our community discussions:

Also worth noting here is that our friends at ACAOSA and Nadcao in South Africa have created the first annual Dullah Omar School for community based paralegals this past March. They envision this school to act as the Sub-Saharan Africa region centre for research, documentation, and paralegal training. You can read more about the school here: @simbongilekamtshe @KhanyisileNtsenge, @SinazoM, do you have any thoughts on the process of opening up the Dullah Omar School for community-based paralegals for our Nigerian colleagues?


Hello Olayemi Akinwunmi, Global Rights has done extensive work supporting paralegal organizations in Nigeria. We will be happy to provide you with technical support, and to offer our training manuals to you free. The good thing about our training modules is that they are also available in Hausa just incase you are interested in serving the demography in the north of the country.

Fatima Adamu from IWEI will also be happy to tell you more about the Kampala declaration and the lessons learned so far.

Great initiative!


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I am happy to hear this @Abi Abiodun Baiyewu, we have concluded the first batch of the training with 20 students, it was a great experience for all the participants while we continue to create synergy with other institutions. we call the school, Pralarg Institute of Paralegal and Human Right Studies. I look forward to meeting @fatimaadamu very soon.

Great job Olayemi Wish all the best in your intervention. looking forward to work with you in the nearest future.


Dear Olayemi, I hope this note reaches you well. Although I see that I’m joining this conversation chain quite late – would be eager to hear more about your initiative. Where is Pralarg Institute of Paralegal and Human Right Studies based, and what are the main issues/case types that paralegals trained by your organization focus on?

My organization, Justice & Empowerment Initiatives (JEI) – – trains and supports community-based paralegals from urban slum communities in Lagos and Port Harcourt. We’ve collaborated with IWEI (@fatimaadamu) on paralegal exchanges in the past, in order to share learning locally within Nigeria – would be interested to see if there might be opportunities to do the same with paralegals your organization has trained as well.

Best regards, Andrew


Hello Andrew, Its been sometime and I see how busy you all are at JEI with the demolitions happening at otodoGbame and Badia East. I reached out to Olayemi last year just some weeks before the paralegal summit in Lagos. When I arrived at Lagos, I tried to get hold of him so I could invite him over to meet everyone but unfortunately I couldn’t. However, I had a brief discussion with @mschapman about him and but I do not know if she remembers. It would be great to meet with him too. We are planning on invading your space with some of our paralegals soon on a learning visit, we would be sending an official request. Ahoy sir!


I am so very unhappy reading all your comments now, I wish I had seen this earlier I wish to keep up with you all but am too busy, I guess I am too far from here, its very unfortunate that the project at hand is gone beyond what I can handle single handed, I have to train other comrades to man my radio and television programs. I presently have more than 2500 volunteers but i believe they still have more to learn. I have to travel more frequently now between Nigeria and US for humanitarian purposes. can I send invitation and how, I have a project coming up in June 2018, 65 inmates are graduating in Abeokuta Prisons, I wish some of our Paralegal officers can witness the graduation.


Dear Andrew, I am sorry it took me this long to responds, I will get in touch, meanwhile, our website is

Hello Olayemi Akinwunmi,

Your idea sounds great, we would like to join.

The objective of NET Africa is to work in partnership with governments across Africa, innovators, universities, policymakers, civil society and others for understanding the interactions between the economy and the environment. With a particular focus on wetlands. There is a lot of environmental injustice that occurs to wetlands particularly oil spills. We have a current case of oil spillage with a major oil company near Ondo State. There are over 10,000 young people and families fighting against the oil companies. We would like to join your organisation to stand and fight such cases.

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Great idea and initiatives. This is another step forward for recognition of Paralegal services in our community. I wish you all the best

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I Comrades, it’s been a long time since I checked the platform, I have been busy focusing on my organization since I stayed back in USA since 2018, the organization is successfully registered in the USA and recognized by the US government as a public charity organization with 501 (c) 3, we are presently working towards commencing an annual conference in 2022 at the United Nation headquarters

The organization in Nigeria is waxing stronger with our advocacy having appointed a National Coordinator to oversee our programs in Nigeria, we are fully ready for any networking programs in the coming days . Once again am sorry for keeping away for so long

Best Regards

Pralagian Olayemi Akinwunmi

Hello, I was smiling when I read aout the efforts to set up n Institute for Paralegals in Nigeria, I think what we need first is recognition from the government of Nigeria, establishing a law and guidelines for Paralegals in Nigeria just like they have in Kenya and Zambia and some other African countries recognizing and empowering Paralegals to practice within the confined of the constitution of Nigeria, and given them a place in the amended constitution of the Federation Republic of Nigeria to work with the Urban poor and bring justice to the oppressed and rejected in our communities and society. Paralegals are doing a lot in Nigeria, from Lagos to Kano and Port-Harcourt where am based as a Community Paralegal. We need to push our case and demands to the Federal House of Assembly and the Senate through our representatives for the recognition and a law establishing Community Paralegals in all Geo- Political Zones of Nigeria to give the Paralegals the desired respect to perform our duties within the constitution and legal frame work of our judiciary. I believe a lot still needs to be done but we can work on a template to achieve our goal