Examples of written guides for paralegal data collection forms?

The quality of paralegal case data is a constant challenge on the ground - especially when case forms or other report templates include many detailed sections.

Have any organizations developed a written guide that defines everything on your case data collection form - a reference to help all paralegals and supervisors interpret the sections and options in the exact same way, and to complement extensive training on data collection?

If so, please use this thread to share examples of these “paralegal data collection guides” or any related tips on how best to structure such a reference tool! For example, if the document is too long it may not be used by the paralegals. On the other hand, if it’s too brief, it may not be useful enough to improve data quality. Where have you found a balance?

Looking forward to hearing your insights!


Nice idea. @Lore @Purity_Wadegu @danielsesay @marenabrinkhurst @timmillar Any ideas?

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For the last few months we have been overhauling our M&E system to be much simpler and streamlined, with an easier to use mobile-interface. It is not yet ready, but we are piloting the questions (on paper) for now. I like the idea of a user-guide, and I think we plan to develop one once the system is built. @jaronvogelsang is the lead on this for us, anything to add or share Jaron?


I support the idea of having a written guideline on our case forms. It will not only help the paralegals but also to everyone using the case forms including our staff members and partners.

The initiatives will also allow better, clear and consistence understanding on each field of respective case forms in our daily work. We will be in better position with this especially when we have new paralegals or new staff members of Namati or partners.

It will also answer common or confusing questions which often come up among the paralegals and even within our partners and team members from time to time.

We may also want to keep this guideline as a living document as we can discuss and update as necessary.

Internally within our team, I discuss about it with @ayeayeaung and @nawhlathazin supporting their case form discussion with Mia and Tim @timmillar. It would be delighted to see how it goes.


I am in full support of getting this guide and will suggest we do a live note with different contributions. This can later be summarized into one document.