Excerpts of Second Last Day of Learning Exchange

(Yadana Than Htaik) #1

Spending several days on community visits in three groups – Nairobi, Garissa and Mombasa – during last week and series of events at different locations yesterday, the conference is resumed today.

That was opened with reflection on community site visits. Reporters from three groups shared their findings, lessons and recommendations towards the host organizations. Then every participant exchanged their views and reiterated upon their country contexts. Most noteworthy were the vetting process, commitment of paralegals and ways they handled cases. We also agreed to the importance of measuring community empowerment after the paralegals provided services.

It was then followed by communication session led by McKinley. She highlighted the impact of communication with audience which should be emotional and touching. It could be used either data or real story or combination of both depending on the type of audience. She also emphasized structuring the case story to keep the readers attention until the end where the final message is properly enshrined. Video clips, articles, case stories and sometimes the short liners could be effective tools to communicate with vast audience. McKinley also pointed out using existing resources online to incorporate into organizational websites, Twitters, Facebook and Instagram.

After the lunch break, four countries presented policy advocacy and shared their successes. It was interesting that many different organizations used different approaches to advocate the policy makers.

Subsequently, participants brainstormed each other on financial sustainability. While many rely on funds, other options could be crowd funding, social enterprises, public financing, access to government budgets, etc. Global Giving and Funds for NGOs could also be potential sources. All in all, we are also reminded of signing the petition to push United Nations to pledge more funds for SDG 16.

The day was closed with assignment for each participant to reflect on their work plan and write down concrete ideas for better improvement and enhancement of their community empowerment through paralegals. Attendees were requested to list down new innovations and lessons learned from each other.

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