Exchange Program in the Philippines: Welcome participants!

(Michael Otto) #1

Hello Filippino participants!

This is a post for current learning exchange participants with Alternative Law Groups in the Philippines. If any of you have any questions, discussions about legal empowerment or have any opportunities to post, please post here for now!

Thank you, Michael

(Rahmawati Putri) #2

We have amzing experience in Filippinese,I find some interisting about legal empowerment in Naga, Bicol Philippine. I write in short article what we have done in . The article about community in Naga, the community so strong because they enggaged with government. Many programm NGO became government programm. And it make the comunity stronger and more.

(Wirdan Fauzi) #3


(Yanuarius Yanu Dharmawan) #4

This is a good experience. However, the time specified could be less than 3 weeks. Thank you.

(Bambang Pradityo) #5


(Han Shin Win) #6

My Dears, I am the one of the participant in EXCHANGE PROGRAM OF Philippine I have some problems for my limited knowledge as how DAR are running in Phillipine and also hhow they are brought to litigation Couts or as writ of Mandamous like Motions in Supreme Court?I have learnt that some CLOAS HAS BEEN longed 18 years in my experience of Barng.Palayog though the law is only 180 dayz.That means there is some exceptions paragraph in CARP? by Hsw

(Zannatul Ferdous) #7

We have an amusing experience in Philippine through NAMATI. I visit lots of Programs in MANILA, NAGA and Tacloban city

  • Day Care Center ( In City hall)
  • Breastfeeding center ( In City hall)
  • Birth registration Unit
  • We Met an empowered women with disability
  • Day Care Center ( In City Barangay)
  • Breastfeeding center ( In City Barangay)
  • Health unit ( In City Barangay)
  • City hall mayor Session
  • Regional Trial Court
  • Public Attorney Office

It was a great experience I met a empowered women with disability in naga city hall and she is a para legal also. It make me surprised. I come to know that every community has a barangay. In Philippine there are GO NGO coalition is very strong . Every community is under a Barangay and every Barangay is under city. In Barangay community people get legal Assistance, urban poor, Medical, Agrarian, and women empowerment program. We share our country experience in the exchange program.

(Bambang Pradityo) #8

I work a lot of experience in doing observation work in philipine, many saw about how a community paralegal in palawan that can increase financial make their communities to become active community

(Zannatul Ferdous) #9

I read your articles already and I like it. Actually all the program we experienced together.

(Marlon Manuel) #10

@abigailmoy @tobiaseigen We are currently discussing how we can use google translate (through a link or a pop-up) or any similar translation application to facilitate communications between legal empowerment practitioners from different countries. If someone wants to send a reply or question, s/he can do it in his/her local language, and then translate it to English using the application, and then post the English reply/question.

(Rene Clemente) #11

The exchange program was very good. The 6 NAMATI interns from Indonesia, Myanmar and Bangladesh went to 4 partner institutions, namely: KAISAHAN, BALAOD Mindanaw, SALIGAN, and ELAC. For 2 weeks, they were able to get a glimpse of the local context and their programs. All of these organizations have paralegal programs. Hopefully, the NAMATI interns were able to learn some things which they can bring back to their countries and apply in their work.

(Marlon Manuel) #12

Journal Questions.pdf (112.4 KB)

(Tobias Eigen) #13

Hi Marlon, hi everyone! I am so excited to see all this activity here on our discussion platform from the Philippines. You are most welcome and I look forward to getting to know you as you continue to participate to discussions and share resources here. :green_heart:

As regards translation - you can already use google translate manually to copy/paste text so you can work in your language and translate into English. This is cumbersome, I know, and so we at Namati will look into what it might take to add automatic inline translation here. With our global community we represent many language speakers.

Inline translation is provided by Facebook, Twitter and many other online discussion platforms and works remarkably well. I use it all the time - see two screenshots below. It would be nice to see this sort of thing in discourse to keep the flow of discussion going and not hold up users because they don’t all speak the same language.

Before selecting translation button

After selecting translation button

(Michael Otto) #14

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all doing well now. Can you believe that it is only 3 weeks since we were all in Manila now?! I will be sharing the photos by email (finally), but wanted to just say a quick hello before I close this topic out. Anyone have any updates they would care to share?

And, of course, I encourage you all to stay engaged here on Discourse and keep responding to discussions with practitioners all over the globe.

My best, Michael

(Kou Dorkago) #15

Hi namati team’s ! I have interests in some of the opportunities that I want to applied, but I I needs your help.

(Bambang Pradityo) #16

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all doing well now. for a long time we do not discuss together, hayu we start to discuss what we can do together for access legal justice for the poor, I wait for comments friends thxs

(Michael Otto) #17

Hello @BambangPradityo!! It is great to hear from you, how are you doing in Bogor? I understand through Syarif that things have been busy and you’re not only working on two social enterprise businesses, but also have gained public funding for paralegal training in forests in multiple provinces - amazing stuff! Namati also has a staff member now @wawansabar in Central Kalimantan who is working on environmental justice. Would love to hear more about what you have been doing in more detail and to discuss what we could do together. What do you think?

(Marlon Manuel) #18

Hi Bambang,

How are you? Good to see your message after more than 2 years from the exchange program that we hosted in the Philippines.

I have joined Namati at the start of the year as Senior Advisor to the Global Legal Empowerment Network. I am still based in the Philippines and still in touch with former colleagues in the ALG.

How likely are you to recommend the Global Legal Empowerment Network?

Thank you. What can we do better?

Thank you. What can be improved?

Fabulous! What do you like most?

Thanks for giving feedback! If you’re reporting a problem, please tell us what you were doing when the problem occurred, what you expected to happen and what actually happened.


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