Family Links Network: Red Cross tracking service helps you look for family members

Hi fellow community members! Have you ever lost touch with your loved ones? Do you have a next of kin who travelled abroad in search of greener pastures and you have since lost all forms of communication? Do you think he or she might be stuck in a foreign land without means of communication?

Did you know that the Redcross provides tracing services to track family members in the bid to restore family links? The Redcross and International Committee of the Red Cross provides online accessible tracking services for families who have lost touch with loved ones due to:

  • armed conflict or other situations of violence;
  • natural or man-made disasters;
  • migration;
  • or in other situations of humanitarian need, when possible.

You can search for your loved ones on the ICRC website on this link.

So how does the tracking services work? According to their website:

We first try to match the data collected on the tracing request with:

  • other data that we collect, such as lists of persons who are safe and well, injured, deprived of liberty or dead, and other tracing requests;
  • information shared by official institutions and other organizations;
  • other data published in the media or on the internet.

Whenever possible, the Family Links Network follows up personally on a tracing request by instructing staff or volunteers to carry out a search for a person in areas where this person might be living or where reliable information might be collected on his or her whereabouts. This is what we call “tracing.” It involves activities such as:

  • going to the last known address of the sought person;
  • contacting relatives and neighbours who might know the sought person;
  • consulting institutions or organizations that might have information on the sought person;
  • visiting shelters and camps where the sought person might be;
  • checking hospitals, mortuary and cemetery records which might contain information on the sought person.

So if you have that missing person in your family and you have been struggling to find how to track them, this could be the first step of your family reunion. Click on this link and begin the journey of restoring that broken family tie.


This is so great. Thank you, Mustafa, for sharing! The network helpdesk gets many email inquiries from people looking for loved ones, so it will be very handy to be able to help them by directing them to this link. :seedling:

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Thanks for sharing this important resource, @mustafa_mahmoud! I am not sure it fits as a resource since it is more of a service offered, but will take a look at this nonetheless. Otherwise, I would direct folks here for more information.

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@michaelotto Hehehe its all on your side on how to categorize it :wink:. @tobiaseigen you are most welcome

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