[Featured Resource] Advancing Public Health through Strategic Litigation

This week’s resource is titled Advancing Public Health through Strategic Litigation: Lessons from Five Countries and is from Open Society Foundations. This report explores how strategic litigation can best be harnessed as an advocacy tool to advance public health, and particularly the health of marginalized and socially excluded populations. It also aims to distill and share key lessons learned by the Open Society Foundations in five different countries.

More about Advancing Public Health through Strategic Litigation: Lessons from Five Countries:

The law has a critical role to play in advancing public health in general, and in promoting the health of marginalized populations in particular. The Global Commission on HIV and the Law, for instance, has documented the positive role that strong legal protections can play specifically in addressing HIV. In its view, with interventions for an enhanced legal and policy environment, there could be one million fewer HIV infections than if no action were taken to enhance the current legal and policy environment.

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