[Featured Resource] Engaging with Customary Justice Systems

This week’s profiled resource is titled “Engaging with Customary Justice Systems,” and comes from the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) and network member @ericaharper. From the resource itself:

This International Development Law Organization-sponsored working paper takes into account policy and donor imperatives, the extent to which engagement with customary justice aligns with dominant models of justice sector reform, and the role that customary justice systems might play in the achievement of other development objectives.

It continues to add to the broader discussion of customary justice systems here in our community forum, like this recent post and new resource from @marenabrinkhurst on documenting traditional land governance systems in writing to give increased legal legitimacy to customary land management systems. Or this upcoming webinar focusing on the saving of ancestral lands through the use of strategic litigation.

You can access “Engaging with Customary Justice Systems” in our library at the following link:

Please let us know your thoughts on these resources or whether you have questions for the author (@ericaharper).

The Featured Resource is a short profile of a key resource found in the resource library of the Global Legal Empowerment Network. These resources can be older or brand new, but they all touch on important themes within legal empowerment. If you have a resource you would like to profile with the network, upload it directly at this link or email it to [email protected].